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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Saturday, October 30

Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, meets Emperor Constantine outside Constantinople. Constantine flies into a rage when someone accuses Athanasius of holding up grain shipments from Egypt.
Power is redistributed between the church and the state in Denmark and Lutheranism becomes the official religion of the nation.
Philip Embury preaches the dedication service of the first Methodist chapel in America, a building he had helped erect with his own hands, located on John Street in New York City.
Christian poet and former slave Phillis Wheatley publishes a notice in the Evening Post and General Advisor of Boston requesting subscriptions for a new book of poems.
Baptist minister and escaped slave Nat Turner is captured and jailed in Jerusalem, Virginia.
Consecration in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, of James Roosevelt Bayley to be the first Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Newark. He later became Archbishop of Baltimore.
William H. Miles professes a hope in Christ. He will become one of the early bishops of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.
Well-known Congregationalist minister and publisher Lyman Abbott delivers an address in New York at the funeral of economist Henry George, who had proposed that the economic rent of land should be shared by society rather than being owned privately.
Leo XIII publishes Vigilantiae, an apostolic letter founding a commission of eminent men, whose duty it will be be to defend Scripture.
Dr. Joseph H. Evans was elected president of the United Church of Christ. It made him the first African-American leader of this predominantly white denomination.

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