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Friday, December 1

(probable year) Death of Bishop Eligius, at seventy years of age. He is already widely regarded as a saint by the time of his death. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.
Pope Eugene III sent a papal bull to the French King, Louis VII, proclaiming the Second Crusade. Led by Louis and Emperor Conrad III from 1147-49, the crusade failed to accomplish its goal.
Death of Pope Leo X, under whose reign Luther and his followers separated from the Catholic church. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.
Edmund Campion, English Jesuit, is hanged in England at 42, falsely accused of treason against Queen Elizabeth's government. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.
Edmund Spenser’s poem The Fairie Queen is “entered,” a prepublication step necessary in England's days of government censorship. The author holds Christian beliefs. Authority for the date: Encyclopedia Americana.
Nicholas Ferrar, founder of a Protestant retreat at Little Gidding, makes a solemn confession of faith, preparatory to receiving absolution and Communion for the last time. Authority for the date: Skipton, H. P. K. The Life and Times of Nicholas Ferrar. London: A. R. Mowbray & Co., 1907.
Death of English composer Maurice Greene, who wrote many works for the church, including the anthems "Lord, Let Me Know My End," and "Oh Clap Your Hands." A student of Jeremiah Clark, he in turn taught William Boyce and held several prominent musical positions. Authority for the date: www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=21793732
The French government abolished the Jesuit order in that country. (The Society of Jesus was completely suppressed by Clement XIV in 1767, but was restored again by Pius VII in 1814.)
Birth of Albert Barnes, American Presbyterian clergyman and Bible commentator. An active supporter of revivalism, Christian education and social reform, Barnes is best remembered today for his "Notes on the Old Testament" and "Notes on the New Testament."
Death of Justin Heinrich Knecht at Biberach, Germany. He had been one of the great church organists of his time. Authority for the date: Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal.
John Paton is licensed to preach the gospel. As a tract distributor in Glasgow Scotland, he will go door to door winning souls. Eventually he becomes a missionary in the New Hebrides islands. Authority for the date: Paton, John. Autobiography.
Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for Bob Jones College (University), in Panama City, FL. This Protestant Fundamentalist college later relocated its campus to Greenville, SC.
Father Charles de Foucauld is martyred at his mission in the Sahara. Authority for the date: Daniel-Rops, Henri. Heroes of God. Garden City, New York: Echo, 1965.
American missionary martyr Jim Elliot wrote in his journal: 'Unwillingness to accept God's "way of escape" from temptation frightens me what a rebel yet resides within.'
The people's court in Prague sentences six knights of the Order of St. Lazarus to terms of five to nine years in prison as part of an ongoing repression of religious orders by the Communist government of Czechoslovakia. Authority for the date: Hutten, Kurt. Iron Curtain Christians. Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1967.
Death of Elmon Makwale Sekgobela, a pioneer worker in the opening of the Nazarene mission among the Tswana people in the Western Transvaal of South Africa, where he had experienced serious opposition. Authority for the date: Dictionary of African Christian Biography.
Cuban Communists declare that henceforth citizens will be allowed to celebrate Christmas as an official holiday. Authority for the date: "Religion in Cuba." www.libertymagazine.org/
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