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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

411 indescribable, unspeakable
anekdiḗgētos an-ek-dee-ay'-gay-tos
447 unfastened, loose, give, desert, loosening, forbear, leave
aníēmi an-ee'-ay-mee
863 left, leaves, divorce, let alone, let, leaving, permit, let...alone, yielded, send...away, neglecting, permitting, misc, leave, tolerate, forgave, uttered, forgive, forgives, abandoned, forgiven, gave...permission, suffer, allowed, forsake, let him have, allow, neglected, permitted
aphíēmi af-ee'-ay-mee
886 not made with hands, made with hands, made without hands
acheiropoíētos akh-i-rop-oy'-ay-tos
919 Bar-Jesus, Barjesus
Bariēsoûs bar-ee-ay-sooce'
1043 Gabriel
Gabriḗl gab-ree-ale'
1059 Gamaliel
Gamaliḗl gam-al-ee-ale'
1158 Daniel
Daniḗl dan-ee-ale'
1334 tell, gave an account, show, relate, describe, declare, described
diēgéomai dee-ayg-eh'-om-ahee
1335 declaration, account
diḗgesis dee-ayg'-es-is
1336 continually, all time, perpetually, for ever
diēnekḗs dee-ah-nek-es'
1498 should be, wert, might be, meant, should mean, be, not tr
eíēn i'-ane
1555 describing in detail, describe, declare
ekdiēgéomai ek-dee-ayg-eh'-om-ahee
2424 Jesus (Joshua), Joshua, Jesus, Jesus (Justus), Jesus'
Iēsoûs ee-ay-sooce'
2524 lowering, lowered, let...down, down, let down
kathíēmi kath-ee'-ay-mee
3935 hang down, weak, neglecting
paríēmi par-ee'-ay-mi
4047 peculiar, possession, obtaining, preserving, gain, purchased possession, saving, to obtain
peripoíēsis per-ee-poy'-ay-sis
4161 workmanship, thing that is made, what has been made
poíēma poy'-ay-mah
4162 deed, what...does
poíēsis poy'-ay-sis
4163 doer, poet, poets, doers
poiētḗs poy-ay-tace'
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