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Bible Lexicons

Gesenius Hebrew Grammer

Part 160

§160. Concessive Clauses.

Besides the use of the imperative in the sense of a concession, meant either seriously (§110a) or mockingly (§110f), and of concessive circumstantial clauses (§141e, §142d, and §156f), concessive clauses may be introduced—

(a) By a simple אִם‎ if: thus Job 9:15 with perfect, if (=though) I had been in the right; Isaiah 1:18 and 10:22 with imperfect in reference to a contingent event.

(b) By גַּם כִּי‎ yea though, Isaiah 1:15 with imperfect; for which we find simply גַּם‎ in Isaiah 49:15 with imperfect, yea, though these may forget, yet ...; on the other hand, with perfect, Jeremiah 36:25, Psalms 95:9, Nehemiah 6:1; finally כִּי גַם‎ even if, though, Ecclesiastes 4:14. (c) By the preposition עַל־‎ governing a complete noun-clause, as Job 16:17 עַל לֹֽא־חָמָס בְּכַפָּ֑י‎ notwithstanding that no violence is in mine hands, or a verbal-clause, Isaiah 53:9. On עַל־‎ with the infinitive in a similar sense (equivalent to in addition to the fact that = notwithstanding that), cf. §119aa, note 2.

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