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#127 - αἰδώς

perhaps from (G1) (as a negative particle) and (G1492) (through the idea of downcast eyes)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
  1. a sense of shame or honour, modesty, bashfulness, reverence, regard for others, respect
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

αἰδώς, όος, contr. οῦς, η (late nom. pl. αἰδοί Sch. E. Hipp. 386),


1. as a moral feeling, reverence, awe, respect for the feeling or opinion of others or for one's own conscience, and so shame, self-respect (in full ἑαυτοῦ αἰδώς Hierocl. in CA 9p.433M.), sense of honour, αἰδῶ θέσθ' ἐνὶ θυμῷ Il. 15.561; ἴσχε γὰρ αἰ. καὶ δέος ib. 657, cf. Sapph. 28, Democr. 179, etc.; αἰ. σωφροσύνης πλεῖστον μετέχει, αἰσχύνης δὲ εὐψυχία Th. 1.84, cf. E. Supp. 911, Arist. EN 1108a32, etc.; αἰδοῖ μειλιχίῃ Od. 8.172; so ἀλλά με κωλύει αἴδως Alc. 55 (Sapphus est versus); ἅμα κιθῶνι ἐκδυομένῳ συνεκδύεται καὶ τὴν αἰδῶ γυνή Hdt. 1.8; δακρύων πένθιμον αἰδῶ tears of grief and shame, A. Supp. 579; αἰ. τίς μ' ἔχει Pl. Sph. 217d; αἰ. καὶ δίκη Id. Prt. 322c; αἰδοῦς ἐμπίπλασθαι X. Cyr. 1.4.4; sobriety, moderation, Pi. O. 13.115; αἰδῶ λαβεῖν S. Aj. 345.

2. regard for others, respect, reverence, αἰδοῦς οὐδεμιῆς ἔτυχον Thgn. 1266, cf. E. Heracl. 460; αἰ. τοκέων respect for them, Pi. P. 4.218; τὴν ἐμὴν αἰδῶ respect for me, A. Pers. 699; regard for friends, αἰδοῦς ἀχαλκεύτοισιν ἔζευκται πέδαις E. Fr. 595; esp. regard for the helpless, compassion, αἰδοῦς κῦρσαι S. OC 247; forgiveness, Antipho 1.26, Pl. Lg. 867e (cf. αἰδέομαι 11.2).


1. that which causes shame or respect, and So 1 shame, scandal, αἰδώς, Ἀργεῖοι, κάκ' ἐλέγχεα Il. 5.787, etc.; αἰδώς, ὦ Λύκιοι· πόσε φεύγετε; 16.422; αἰδὼς μὲν νῦν ἥδε.. 17.336.

2. = τὰ αἰδοῖα, Il. 2.262, Arat. 493, D.H. 7.72.

3. dignity, majesty αἰ. καὶ χάρις h.Cer. 214.

III Αἰδώς personified, Reverence, Pi. O. 7.44; Mercy, Ζηνὶ σύνθακος θρόνων Αἰ. S. OC 1268, cf. Paus. 1.17.1; παρθένος Αἰδοῦς Δίκη λέγεται Pl. Lg. 943e.

** αἰδώς , (-όος ), -οῦς , ,

[in LXX: 3 Maccabees 1:19; 3 Maccabees 4:5*;]

a sense of shame, modesty: 1 Timothy 2:9 (for exx., v. MM, VGT, s.v.).†

SYN.: αἰσχύνη G152 (v. Thayer, 14; Tr., Syn., § xix; Cremer, 611 f.; CGT on 1Ti, l.c.).

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

We can supply no papyrus references for this expressive word (1 Timothy 2:9, Hebrews 12:28 MPω), but it is found in 3 Maccabees and in Epictetus; also OGIS 507.8 (ii/A.D.) (with ἐπιείκεια). The verb occurs P Fay 12.9 (c. B.C. 103) οὐκ αἰδεσθεὶς δὲ το [ῦτο ], ";so far from being abashed"; (Edd.), and often elsewhere : it is curious that Nägeli (p. 57) should make it absent from the papyri as from NT—a glance at the indices would suffice. The adj. αἰδέσιμος and its abstract -ότης came into common use in late times.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
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