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#149 - αἰσχρόν

from (G150)
Parts of Speech
Noun Neuter
  1. shame, base, dishonourable
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

αἰσχρός, ά, όν, also ός, όν APl. 4.151: (αἶσχος):

I in Hom., causing shame, dishonouring, reproachful, νείκεσσεν.. αἰσχροῖς ἐπέεσσιν Il. 3.38, etc. Adv. αἰσχρῶς, ἐνένισπεν 23.473.

II opp. καλός:

1. of outward appearance, ugly, ill-favoured, of Thersites, Il. 2.216, cf. h.Ap. 197, Hdt. 1.196 (Comp.), etc.; deformed, Hp. Art. 14 (Sup.); αἰσχρῶς χωλός with an ugly lameness, ib. 63: but commonly,

2. in moral sense, shameful, base, Hdt. 3.155, A. Th. 685, etc.; αἰσχροῖς γὰρ αἰσχρὰ πράγματ' ἐκδιδάσκεται S. El. 621; αἰσχρόν [ἐστι], c. inf., Il. 2.298, S. Aj. 473, etc.; αἰσχρόν, εἰ πύθοιτό τις ib. 1159; ἐν αἰσχρῷ θέσθαι τι E. Hec. 806; ἐπ' αἰσχροῖς on the ground of base actions, S. Fr. 188, E. Hipp. 511: — τὸ αἰ. as Subst., dishonour, S. Ph. 476; τὸ ἐμὸν αἰ. my disgrace, And. 2.9; τὸ καλὸν καὶ τὸ αἰ. virtue and vice, Arist. Rh. 1366a24, etc. Adv., shamefully, S. El. 989, Pl. Smp. 183d, etc.: Sup. αἴσχιστα A. Pr. 959, S. OT 367.

3. ill-suited, αἰ. ὁ καιρός D. 18.178; αἰ. πρός τι awkward at it, X. Mem. 3.8.7; αἰσχρὸν καὶ ἄτεχνον Hp. Fract. 30.

III Regul. Comp. and Sup. -ότερος, -ότατος are late, Phld. Rh. 2.58S. (prob.), Ath. 13.587b: elsewh. αἰσχίων, αἴσχιστος (formed from a Root αἰσχο-), Il. 21.437, 2.216; double Sup. αἰσχιστότατος Olymp. in Alc. p.124 C. Adv., Sup. αἰσχίστως Mnasalc. ap. Ath. 4.163a, Man. 1.21.

same as G150

Neuter of G150

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αισχραί αισχρόν αισχροτέρας αισχρού
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