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#354 - ἀνάληψις

from (G353)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
  1. a taking up
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


later -λημψις, εως, ἡ, hyperdor. -λαψις Ti Locr. 100c:


1. taking up, e.g. suspension in a sling, fixing a bandage, Hp. Art. 22, Off. 9; looping or tying up of vines, POxy. 1692.20 (ii A. D.), cf. 1631.13 (iii A. D.).

2. receiving back into a family, Luc. Obadiah 1:5.

3. acquirement of knowledge, etc., Phld. Rh. 1.31 S., al., Ti.Locr. l.c., S.E. P. 1.73, D.S. 1.1; ἱερῶν Plu. 2.351e.

4. assumption of an office, dub. in Inscr.Prien. 123; διαδήματος OGI 383.102.

5. Pass., being taken up or away, Psalm.Solom. 4.20; ascension, Luke 9:51.

6. reception, entertainment, SIG 888.36 (Thrace).

7. assimilation, τροφῆς Menon Iatr. 25.48.

II recovery, μνήμης Arist. Mem. 451a20;

1. means of regaining, Plu. Publ. 9.

2. making good, making amends, Th. 5.65; refreshing of soldiers after hard work, Plb. 3.87.1, cf. Luc. Par. 40; ἀνάληψιν ποιεῖν Demetr.Com.Nov. 1.10: recovery from illness, Hp. Aph. 4.27, Pl. Ti. 83e.

3. repair, Str. 13.1.38, PSI 1.83.11 (iii A. D.).

4. repetition, [ Longin. ] Rh. p.200H.

* ἀνά -λημψις , -εως , ,

(κοινή form of ἀνάληψις ; v. Th., Gr., 108 f.),

a taking up: Luke 9:51 (MM, VGT, s.v.).†

ἀνά -ληψις , -εως , , Rec. for ἀνάλημψις , q.v.

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

P Tebt II. 296.19 (A.D. 123) is the receipt for money paid for a priestly office, ἐξ ἀναλ (ήψεως) ἐν αὐτῷ ";as payable by himself"; (Edd.) : cf. reference to this document under the verb. It means ";entertainment"; (sc. one form of ";reception";) in Syll 418.36 (iii/A.D.), ἀναγκάζουσιν ἡμᾶς ξενίας αὐτοῖς παρέχειν καὶ ἕτερα πλεῖστα εἰς ἀνάλημψιν αὐτῶν ἄνευ ἀργυρίου χορηγεῖν. P Oxy VI. 986iii. (early ii/A.D.) αὐλὴ δηλ (ωθεῖσα) ἐπικεκρατῆσθαι πρὸ τῆς ἀναλη ̣μ ̣ψεως ὑπὸ Πετεσούχου. OGIS 383.102—the inscription of Antiochus I. of Commagene (i/B.C.)—ὑπὲρ ἀναλήψεως διαδήματος, his coronation : see also the verb above. The substantive follows the verb’s wide range of meaning, which we have only partially illustrated, as needless for the NT. Dr Charles (l. c. above) quotes Ryle and James as claiming Pss. Sol. 4.20 to be the earliest instance of its use (as in Luke 9:51) for ";ascension"; into heaven.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
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