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#218 - ἀλείφω

from (G1) (as particle of union) and the base of (G3045)
Parts of Speech
  1. to anoint
Strong #: 4886 ‑ מָשַׁח (maw‑shakh');  5480 ‑ סוּךְ (sook);  6902 ‑ קְבַל (keb‑al');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἀλείφω, Hdt. 3.8, etc.: fut. -ψω LXX Exodus 40:15, (ἐξ-) E. IA 1486, Pl. R. 386c: aor. ἤλειψα Hom., Att., ἄλειψα Od. 12.177: pf. ἀλήλῐφα (ἀπ-) D. 52.2): Med., fut. -ψομαι Th. 4.68: aor. ἠλειψάμην Att., ἀλ- Il. 14.171: Pass., fut. ἀλειφθήσομαι (ἐξ-) D. 25.73: aor. 1 ἠλείφθην Hp. Morb. 4.54, Pl. Ly. 217c, etc.: aor. 2 ἐξ-ηλίφην v.l. in Pl. Phdr. 258b, (ἀπ-) D.C. 55.3: pf ἀλήλιμμαι Th. 4.68, (ἐξ-, ὑπ-) D. 25.70, X. Oec. 10.6 (-ει- is freq. found in pf. forms in codd.): (-, euph., λιπ-, cf. λίπος):


1. anoint the skin with oil, as was done after bathing, Act. referring to another, Med. to oneself, λοῦσαι κέλετ' ἀμφί τ' ἀλεῖψαι Il. 24.582; Hom. elsewh. always adds λίπα or λίπ' ἐλαίῳ (v. sub λίπα), πάντα λοέσσατο καὶ λίπ' ἄλειψεν Od. 6.227; λοεσσαμένω καὶ ἀλειψαμένω λίπ' ἐλαίῳ Il. 10.577, cf. 14.171, 18.350: later of anointing for gymnastic exercises, λίπα μετὰ τοῦ γυμνάζεσθαι ἠλείψαντο Th. 1.6; generally, λίπα ἀλείφεσθαι Id. 4.68; βακκάρι ῥῖνας Hippon. 41; of anointing the sick, Men. Georg. 60, cf. Ephesians 5:14.

2. supply oil for gymnasts, ἀλειφούσης τῆς πόλεως CIG (add.) 1957g (Maced.); ἀ. πανήγυριν, ἔθνη, Inscr.Magn. 163, OGI 533.47 (Ancyra); οἱ -όμενοι youths undergoing gymnastic training, ib. 339.72 (Sestos), etc.; οἱ ἀ. ἐν τῷ γυμνασίῳ ib.764.5 (Pergam.), al.; ἀλείφεσθαι παρά τινι to attend a gymnastic school, Arr. Epict. 1.2.26.

3. polish, τράπεζαν Diph. 74; δακτύλιον Thphr. Char. 21; ἀγάλματα Artem. 2.33.

4. metaph., prepare as if for gymnastics, encourage, stimulate, instigate, Demad. 17, Pl. ap. D.L. 4.6; ἐπὶ τὴν πολιτικὴν ἀγωνίαν Phld. Rh. 2.59 S.; τινὰ ἐπὶ τὸν Κλώδιον App. BC 2.16, cf. Plu. Them. 3; τινὰ κατά τινος Ph. 1.549; τινὰ ἐπὶ φαρμακείαν App. Mac. 11.7: Pass., τοὺς -ομένους ἐπί τι Phld. Rh. 2.158 S.

II daub, plaster, besmear, οὔατα ἀλεῖψαι stop up ears, Od. 12.47, 177, 200; ἀ. αἵματι Hdt. 3.8; μίλτῳ X. Oec. 10.5; ψιμυθίῳ Pl. Ly. 217d; κυανῷ Paus. 5.11.5.


(cf. λίπος , oil),

[in LXX: Genesis 31:13, Exodus 40:15, Numbers 3:3 (H4886 ), Ezekiel 13:10 ff. (H2902), Ruth 3:3, 2 Samuel 12:20; 2 Samuel 14:2, 2 Kings 4:2, 2 Chronicles 28:15, Micah 6:15, Da LXX TH Daniel 10:3 (H5480), Ezra 2:12, Judith 16:8 *;]

to anoint, festally or in homage: c. acc rei or pers., Matthew 6:17, John 12:3, Mark 16:1; seq. dat., ἐλαίῳ , Mark 6:13, James 5:14; μύρῳ , Luke 7:38; Luke 7:46, John 11:2.†

SYN.: χρίω G5548, μυρίζω G3462 (against the distinction made bet. . and χ . in Tr., Syn., § 38, v. MM, VGT, s.v., .).

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

Passim in papyri, e.g. P Fay 1216 (c. A.D. 100) ὃ καὶ ἀλείψεις ἐπιμελῶς , ";which you will carefully grease,"; of a yoke-band. We find statues (ἀνδριάντες ) the objects in BGU II. 362 vii. 16, x. 17 (A.D. 215). In P Oxy III. 528.10 f. (ii/A.D.) a man, whose wife had gone away, writes to her that since they had bathed together a month before, he had never bathed nor anointed himself—οὐκ ἐλουσάμην οὐκ ἤλιμε (l. ἤλειμμαι ). A curiously spelt perfect ἐνήλεπα from ἐναλείφω is found in a somewhat similar connexion in P Oxy II. 29415 (A.D. 22). Cf. also a third-century inscription in honour of a gymnasiarch, φιλοτίμως ἀλείφοντι (Milne JHS 1901, p. 284), noted by the editors on P Oxy III. 4733 (A.D. 138–60), where we find the substantive ἄλειμμα . Cf. also OGIS 59.16 (iii/B.C.) ὅπως ἔχωσιν εἴς τε τὰς θυσίας καὶ τὸ ἄλειμμα δαπανᾶν . For the phrase ";free from erasure"; cf. BGU II. 666.31 (A.D. 177) ἐστὶν δὲ καθαρὸν ἀπὸ ἀλείφατος καὶ ἐπιγραφῆς : cf. P Ryl II. 163.17 (A.D. 139). As against the contention that ἀλείφω is the ";mundane and profane"; and χρίω the ";sacred and religious"; word (Trench), see P Petr II. 25 (a)13, where χρίσιν is used of the lotion for a sick horse.




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αλειφομέναις αλείφοντας αλείφοντες αλείφουσιν αλειψαι άλειψαί ἄλειψαί αλειψαντες αλείψαντες ἀλείψαντες αλειψασα αλείψασα ἀλείψασα αλείψασθαι αλείψεις αλείψη αλείψομαι αλείψωσι αλειψωσιν ἀλείψωσιν ηλειμμένοι ήλειφε ηλειφεν ἤλειφεν ηλειφον ήλειφον ἤλειφον ηλειψάμην ηλειψας ήλειψας ήλειψάς ἤλειψας ηλείψατε ηλείψατο ήλειψε ήλειψέ ηλειψεν ἤλειψεν aleipsai áleipsaí aleipsantes aleípsantes aleipsasa aleípsasa aleipsosin aleipsōsin aleípsosin aleípsōsin eleiphen ēleiphen ḗleiphen eleiphon ēleiphon ḗleiphon eleipsas ēleipsas ḗleipsas eleipsen ēleipsen ḗleipsen
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