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#27 - ἀγαπητός

from (G25)
Parts of Speech
  1. beloved, esteemed, dear, favourite, worthy of love
Strong #: 157 ‑ אַהֵב (aw‑hab', aw‑habe');  1730 ‑ דֹּד (dode, dode);  3039 ‑ יָדִיד (yed‑eed');  3173 ‑ יָחִיד (yaw‑kheed');  3358 ‑ יַקִּיר (yak‑keer');  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἀγαπ-ητός, ή, όν, Dor. ἀγαπ-ᾱτός, ά, όν,


1. that wherewith one must be content (cf ἀγαπάω 111), hence of only children, μοῦνος ἐὼν ἀ. Od. 2.365; Ἑκτορίδην ἀ. Il. 6.401, cf. Od. 4.817, Sapph. 85, Ar. Th. 761, Pl. Alc. 1.131e; Νικήρατος.. ὁ τοῦ Νικίου ἀ. παῖς D. 21.165, cf. Arist. Pol. 1262b23, EE 1233b2; αὕτη μονογενὴς αὐτῷ ἀγαπητή LXX Judges 11:34, cf. Tobit 3:10, Mark 12:6 (but cf. also 11.2), etc.; ἀγαπητός· μονογενής, Hsch.: so of things, Arist. Rh. 1365b16; δαπίδιον ἓν ἀ. Hipparch.Com. 1; προβάτιον Men. 319.3.

2. to be acquiesced in (as the least in a choice of evils), And. 3.22, J. BJ 5.10.3: hence, ἀγαπητόν [ἐστι ] one must be content, εἰ.., ἐάν.. Pl. Prt. 328b, X. Oec. 8.16, D. 18.220, Arist. Metaph. 1076a15, etc.; c. inf., EN 1171a20.


1. of things, desirable, ἤθη X. Mem. 3.10.5; βίος Pl. Phlb. 61e (Sup.).

2. of persons, beloved, ἀδελφὲ ἀγαπητέ LXX Tobit 3:10 : in letters, as a term of address, Romans 12:19, cf. PGrenf. 2.73, etc.

III Adv. -τῶς

1. gladly, contentedly, Pl. Lg. 735d, D. 19.219, etc.

2. just enough to content one, barely, scarcely, Pl. Ly. 218c; ἀ σωθῆναι Lys. 6.45, cf. Diph. 89.2, etc.

ἀγαπητός , -ή , -όν

(< ἀγαπάω ),

[in LXX chiefly for H3173, H3039;]

beloved (v. M, Pr., 221);

(a) by God: of Christ, Matthew 3:17; of men, Romans 1:7;

(b) by Christians, of one another: 1 Corinthians 4:14; freq. as form of address, 1 Corinthians 10:14; opp. to ἐχθρός , Romans 11:28 (v. AR, Eph., 229; Cremer, 17; MM, VGT, s.v.).

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the use of this characteristic NT designation in the Christian papyri, see for example the address of the much-discussed letter of Psenosiris P Grenf II. 73 (late iii/A.D.) ( = Selections, p. 117), Ἀπόλλωνι πρεσβυτέρῳ ἀγαπητῷ ἀδελφῷ ἐν Κ (υρί)ῳ χαίρειν. So P Lond 417.1 (c. A.D. 346) ( = II. p. 299, Selections, p. 123), P Heid 6.7 (iv/A.D.) ( = Selections, p. 125) al. The word is also found in a horoscope of A.D. 20–50 addressed to a certain Tryphon—P Oxy II. 235.2, Τρύφων ἀ ̣γ ̣α ̣π ̣ε ̣τέ : he may of course have been a Jew—see on the fem. Τρύφαινα below.

The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
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Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
αγαπητα αγαπητά ἀγαπητά ἀγαπητὰ Αγαπητε αγαπητέ Ἀγαπητέ αγαπητή αγαπητην αγαπητήν ἀγαπητήν αγαπητοι αγαπητοί ἀγαπητοί ἀγαπητοὶ αγαπητοις αγαπητοίς ἀγαπητοῖς αγαπητον αγαπητόν ἀγαπητόν ἀγαπητὸν αγαπητος αγαπητός ἀγαπητός ἀγαπητὸς αγαπητου αγαπητού ἀγαπητοῦ αγαπητω αγαπητώ ἀγαπητῷ καὶ agapeta agapetá agapetà agapēta agapētá agapētà Agapete Agapeté Agapēte Agapēté agapeten agapetḗn agapētēn agapētḗn agapeto agapētō agapetoi agapetoí agapetoì agapetôi agapētoi agapētoí agapētoì agapētō̂i agapetois agapetoîs agapētois agapētoîs agapeton agapetón agapetòn agapēton agapētón agapētòn agapetos agapetós agapetòs agapētos agapētós agapētòs agapetou agapetoû agapētou agapētoû kai
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