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Strong's #4748 - στοιχέω

Root Word (Etymology)
from a derivative of steicho (to range in regular line)
Parts of Speech
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  1. to proceed in a row as the march of a soldier, go in order
    1. metaph. to go on prosperously, to turn out well
  2. to walk
    1. to direct one's life, to live
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3787 ‑ כָּשֵׁר (kaw‑share');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (6)
Acts 1
Romans 1
Galatians 3
Philippians 1
NAS (6)
Acts 2
Romans 1
Galatians 2
Philippians 1
CSB (4)
Romans 1
Galatians 2
Philippians 1
BSB (5)
Acts 1
Romans 1
Galatians 2
Philippians 1
ESV (4)
Romans 1
Galatians 2
Philippians 1
WEB (6)
Romans 2
Galatians 3
Philippians 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


to be drawn up in a line or row, οὐδ' ἐγκαταλείψω τὸν παραστάτην, ὅτῳ ἂν στοιχήσω beside whom I stand in battle, from the oath of Athenian citizens, ap. Stob. 4.1.48, cf. Poll. 8.105; move in line, X. Cyr. 6.3.34, Eq.Mag. 5.7; to be in rows, of leaves or joints, Thphr. HP 3.18.5, 3.5.3; κατὰ τὸ στοιχοῦν in sequence, Arist. Int. 19b24 .

2. correspond, ὅπως ἀεὶ ἡ ἡμέρα στοιχῇ καθ' ἑκάστην πόλιν OGI 458.52 (i B.C.) .

3. to be satisfactory to one, στοιχεῖ μοι πάντα τὰ προγεγραμμένα BGU 317.14 (vi A.D.), cf. Sammelb. 6258 (v/vi A.D.), etc.

II c. dat., fit, [ καταστρωτῆρα] στοιχοῦντα τοῖς κειμένοις IG 7.3073.153 (Lebad., ii B.C. ): metaph., to be in line with, walk by, agree with, submit to, τῇ τῆς συγκλήτου προθέσει Plb. 28.5.6; διὰ τῶν ἔργων στοιχεῖν αὐτοσαυτῷ SIG 734.6 (Delph., i B.C. ); τῇ πρός τινα εὐνοίᾳ BCH 55.44 (Odessus, i B.C. ); ταῖς πλείοσι γνώμαις D.H. 6.65; τῷ νομίσματι S.E. M. 1.178; τοῖς προειρημένοις φιλοσόφοις ib. 11.59; Πνεύματι Ep.Galatians 5:25, cf. Ep.Philippians 3:16; τοῖς ἴχνεσι τῆς πίστεως Ep.Romans 4:12; στοίχεις ( Aeol. pres. part. ) τοῖς προϋπαργμένοισι IGRom. 4.1302 (Cyme, i B.C. /i A.D. ); ἠθέλησεν στοιχοῦσαν τοῖς προπεπραγμένοις παρέχεσθαι τοῖς πολίταις τὴν αὑτοῦ διάληψιν OGI 764.45 (Pergam., ii B.C. ); μιᾷ ς . to be contented with one wife, Sch. Ar. Pl. 773; στοιχῶν πᾶσιν ὑπέγραψα CPR 30 ii 41 (vi A.D.): abs., στοιχεῖν βουλόμενος καὶ τοῖς ἐκείνων ἴχνεσιν ἐπιβαίνειν SIG 708.5 (Istropolis, ii B.C. ); στοιχεῖς τὸν νόμον φυλάσσων observest it regularly, Acts 21:24.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

στοιχέω, στοίχω; future στοιχήσω; (στοῖχος a row, series);

a. to proceed in a row, go in order: Xenophon, Cyril 6,3,34; metaphorically, to go on prosperously, to turn out well: of things, Ecclesiastes 11:6 for כָּשֵׁר.

b. to walk: with a locative dative (Winers Grammar, § 31, 1 a. cf. p. 219 (205); yet cf. Buttmann, § 133, 22 b.). τοῖς ἴχνεσι τίνος, in the steps of one, i. e. follow his example, Romans 4:12; to direct one's life, to live, with a dative of the rule (Buttmann, as above), εἰ πνεύματι ... στοιχῶμεν, if the Holy Spirit animates us (see ζάω, I. 3 under the end), let us exhibit that control of the Spirit in our life, Galatians 5:25; τῷ κανόνι, according to the rule, Galatians 6:16; τῷ αὐτῷ (where Rec. adds κανόνι, Philippians 3:16 (Winers Grammar, § 43, 5 d.; cf. Buttmann, § 140, 18 at the end), (τῷ παραδειγματι τίνος, Clement, hom. 10, 15); with a participle denoting the manner of acting, στοιχεῖς τόν νόμον φυλάσσων, so walkest as to keep the law (A. V. walkest orderly, keeping etc.), Acts 21:24. (On the word and its construction see Fritzsche on Romans, vol. iii., p. 142. Compare:

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

στοιχέω , -

(< στοῖχος , a row),

[in LXX: Ecclesiastes 11:6 (H3787) *;]

to be in rows (of waves, plants, etc., as well as of men), to walk in line (esp. of marching in file to battle; Xen., Cyr., vi, 3, 34, al.). Metaph., in late writers, to walk by rule: Acts 21:24; c. dat., to walk by or in (as a rule of life), Romans 4:12 (cf. MM, xxiii), Galatians 5:25; Galatians 6:16, Philippians 3:16 (cf. συν -στοιχέω ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

";journey together"; (Luke 7:11 al.) : PSI IV. 353.13 (B.C. 254–3) τὸν μεθ᾽ αὑτοῦ συμπορευόμενο ̣ν ̣.


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εστοιχισμέναι στοιχειν στοιχείν στοιχεῖν στοιχεις στοιχείς στοιχεῖς στοιχήσει στοιχησουσιν στοιχήσουσιν στοιχούσι στοιχουσιν στοιχοῦσιν στοιχωμεν στοιχώμεν στοιχῶμεν stoichein stoicheîn stoicheis stoicheîs stoichesousin stoichēsousin stoichḗsousin stoichomen stoichômen stoichōmen stoichō̂men stoichousin stoichoûsin
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