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Strong's #1893 - הֶבֶל

the same as (H1892)
Parts of Speech
Proper Name Masculine

Abel = “breath”

1) second son of Adam and Eve, killed by his brother Cain

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KJV (7)
NAS (8)
HCS (8)
BSB (16)
ESV (8)
WEB (8)
Verse Results
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

הֶבֶל with suff. הֶבְלִי, pl. הֲבָלִים constr. הַבְלֵי.

(1) breath, breathing, used of a gentle breeze, Isaiah 57:13. (Well rendered by the Vulg. aura. Less correctly by the LXX. καταιγίς.) More often used of the breath of the mouth (Kimchi, איד שיצא מפה. Aqu. ἀτμίς, Symm. ἀτμός, which word, Sap. vii. 25, Syr. is rendered ܗܶܒܥܳ). Commonly used of any thing transitory, evanescent, frail. Job 7:16, כִּי הֶבֶל יָמַי “for my days are a breath;” Proverbs 13:11, הוֹן מֵהֶבֶל יִמְעַט “riches vanish more quickly than a breath;” Ecclesiastes 11:10, “childhood and youth are vanity;” Proverbs 21:6, 31:30 Psalms 39:6; Ecclesiastes 1:2, 14 2:11, 17, 23 4:4, 5:9 6:9, etc. Hence arises the signification something vain and empty, Lamentations 4:17; Jeremiah 10:3, Jeremiah 10:8, and adv. vainly, emptily, in vain; Job 9:29, 21:34 35:16 Isaiah 30:7; Psalms 39:7. Specially used of idols as being vain and impotent, also used of their worship, 2 Kings 17:15; Jeremiah 2:5. Plur. Psalms 31:7, הַבְלֵי שָׁוְא “vain idols.” Jonah 2:9.

(2) exhalation, vapour, mist, darkness, which cannot be seen through. Ecclesiastes 6:4, of an abortion; “for it comes in a mist, and goes away in vanity,” seen by no one; Ecclesiastes 11:8, כָּל־שֶׁבָּא הֶבֶל “all that is coming is a mist,” i.e. involved in darkness; Ecclesiastes 8:14.

(3) pr.n. Abel (LXX. Ἄβελ), the second son of Adam; prob. so called from the shortness of his life [but he had this name from his birth]; Genesis 4:2, seq.

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List of Word Forms
הֶ֔בֶל הֶ֖בֶל הֶ֙בֶל֙ הֶ֣בֶל הֶ֥בֶל הָ֑בֶל הבל וְהֶ֨בֶל והבל hā·ḇel hāḇel Havel he·ḇel heḇel hevel veHevel wə·he·ḇel wəheḇel
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