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Strong's #5681 - עִבְרִי

the same as (05680)
Parts of Speech
Proper Name Masculine

Ibri = “Hebrew”

1) a Merarite Levite of the family of Jaaziah in the time of David

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KJV (1)
1 Chronicles
NAS (1)
1 Chronicles
HCS (1)
1 Chronicles
BSB (1)
1 Chronicles
ESV (1)
1 Chronicles
WEB (1)
1 Chronicles
Verse Results
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

עִבְרִי pl. עִבְרִים, עִבְיִּים f. עִבְרִיָּה, pl. עִבְרִיּוֹת, Gentile noun, Hebrew. As to the origin of this name, it is derived in the Old Test. itself from the name עֵבֶר (which see) [if this be the case there can be no farther question about the matter]; it seems, however, to be originally an appellative, from עֵבֶר the land beyond the Euphrates; whence עִבְרִי a stranger come from the other side of the Euphrates, Genesis 14:13, where it is well rendered by the LXX. ὁ περάτης. This word differs from Israelites (בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל), in that the latter was the patronymic derived from the ancestor of the people, which was used amongst the nation itself, and there only this was regarded as an appellative, applied by the Canaanites to the Hebrews, as having crossed the Euphrates and immigrating into Canaan; and it was commonly used by foreign nations (compare כְּנַעֲנִים and Φοίνικες; Chemi, מִצְרַיִם and Αἴγυπτος). Hence Greek and Latin writers only use the name of Hebrews (or Jews), (see Pausan. i. 6; vi. 24; x. 12; Tac. Hist. v. 1; Josephus, passim) while the writers of the Old Testament only call the Israelites Hebrews when foreigners are introduced as speaking, Genesis 39:14, 17 Genesis 39:17, 41:12 Exodus 1:16, 2:6 1 Samuel 4:6, 1 Samuel 4:9, 13:19 14:11 29:3, or when the Israelites themselves speak of themselves to foreigners, Genesis 40:15; Exodus 1:19, 2:7 3:18 5:3 7:16 9:1, 13 Jonah 1:9 or when used in opposition to other nations, Genesis 43:32; Exodus 1:15, 2:11, 13 21:2 Deuteronomy 15:12 (compare Jerem. 34:9, 14 Jeremiah 34:14); 1 Samuel 13:3, 1 Samuel 13:7 (where there is a paronomasia in עִבְרִים עָֽבְרוּ); 14:21. As to what others have imagined, that Israelites was a sacred name, while that of Hebrews was for common use, it is without foundation, and is repugnant to the Old Test. usage. (I have made more remarks on this noun in Gesch. d. Hebr. Sprache u. Schr. p. 9-12.)

[(2) Ibri, pr.n.m. 1 Chronicles 24:27.]

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List of Word Forms
וְעִבְרִֽי׃ ועברי׃ veivRi wə‘iḇrî wə·‘iḇ·rî
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