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Strong's #7014 - קַיִן

Root Word (Etymology)
the same as (H7013) (with a play upon the affinity to (H7069))
Parts of Speech
proper gentilic noun, proper masculine noun
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Kenite = “smiths”

1) eldest son of Adam and Eve and the first murderer having murdered his brother Abel (noun proper masculine)

2) the tribe from which the father-in-law of Moses was a member and which lived in the area between southern Palestine and the mountains of Sinai (noun proper gentilic)

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (18)
Genesis 16
Numbers 1
Joshua 1
HCS (0)
HCS (19)
Genesis 16
Numbers 1
Joshua 1
BSB (34)
Genesis 32
Numbers 1
Joshua 1
ESV (18)
Genesis 16
Numbers 1
Joshua 1
WEB (18)
Genesis 16
Numbers 1
Joshua 1
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 II. קַ֫יִן proper name

1. of a people (see Sta G i. 151f. Mey Entstehung 115; compare Arabic proper name, of family Nabataean, Sinaitic proper name, masculine and feminine קינו; tribe of smiths?); — tribe of Mose's father-in-law Judges 4:11 (compare קֵינִי Judges 1:16), Καιναᵐ5 L Κειν; akin to Midian ( Numbers 10:29 P), settled among Amalekites in south of Canaan (see קֵינִי); prophesied against by Balaam Numbers 24:22 (קָ֑יִן; J E); — see also קֵינִי

2. locationהַקַּ֫יִן in southern Judah (a settlement of II.׳ק

1 ?); — Joshua 15:57, [Ζακαν]αειμ, A [Ζανω] Ακειμ, ᵐ5 L [Ζανου] Ακεν; possibly= Yª†în southeast from Hebron [Rob BR ii.85] (see Buhl Geogr. 162f. who, however, compare קִינָה Joshua 15:22).

III. קַ֫יִן proper name, masculine Cain, Kain eldest son of Adam and Eve (explanation Genesis 4:1 from קָנָה acquire; but in fact = II. ׳ק, as heros eponymos, according to We compare11 Sta G 285 ff. Bu Urg. 193 Holz Genesis 50f. especially Sta ZAW xiv (1894), 250 ff.; xv (1895), 157 ff., Che Ency.Bib.CAIN); — ׳ק Genesis 4:1,2,3,5 (twice in verse); Genesis 4:8 (twice in verse); Genesis 4:9,13,15 (twice in verse); Genesis 4:16,17, קָ֑יִן Genesis 4:6; Genesis 4:24; Genesis 4:25 (all J).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

קַיִן m.

(1)  a spear, 2 Samuel 21:16.

(2) [Cain], pr.n.

(a) of the fratricide son of Adam. Allusion is so made to the etymology in Genesis 4:1, that קִין would seem to be the same as קָנָה, “she bare Cain (a creature [rather a possession, see קָנָה ]), and said, I have created [rather possessed or acquired] a man by the help of Jehovah” [of course this is the true derivation].

(b) of the tribe of the Kenites, Numb. 24:22 Judges 4:11 see קֵינִי.

(c) of a town of the tribe of Judah, with the art. Joshua 15:57.

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List of Word Forms
הַקַּ֖יִן הקין וְקַ֕יִן וקין לְקַ֙יִן֙ לקין קַ֔יִן קַ֖יִן קַ֙יִן֙ קַ֛יִן קַ֜יִן קַ֥יִן קָ֑יִן קָֽיִן׃ קין קין׃ hakKayin haq·qa·yin haqqayin Kayin lə·qa·yin leKayin ləqayin qa·yin qā·yin qayin qāyin veKayin wə·qa·yin wəqayin
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