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Strong's #7247 - רִבְלָה

Root Word (Etymology)
from an unused root meaning to be fruitful
Parts of Speech
proper locative noun
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Riblah = “fertility”

1) a place on the eastern boundary of Israel

2) a town in the land of Hamath on the great road between Babylon and Palestine

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (11)
Numbers 1
2 Kings 4
Jeremiah 6
NAS (11)
Numbers 1
2 Kings 4
Jeremiah 6
CSB (11)
Numbers 1
2 Kings 4
Jeremiah 6
BSB (11)
Numbers 1
2 Kings 4
Jeremiah 6
ESV (11)
Numbers 1
2 Kings 4
Jeremiah 6
WEB (11)
Numbers 1
2 Kings 4
Jeremiah 6
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 רִבְלָה proper name, of a location 1.׳ו in land of Hamath 2 Kings 23:33; 2 Kings 25:21 = Jeremiah 52:27; Jeremiah 39:6; with ה locative, רִבְ֫לָתָךְ 2 Kings 25:6,20 = Jeremiah 52:26, also ('in land of Hamath') Jeremiah 39:5; Jeremiah 52:9; בְּרִבְלָ֑תָה Jeremiah 52:10; read רִבְדָמל֫תָה also Ezekiel 6:14 (for ᵑ0׳דִּב, see [ דִּבְלָה]); ᵐ5 usually Δεβλαθα (also Ezekiel 6:14); modern Ribla on Orontes, Rob BR ii. 507; iii. 543ff. Bd Pal 3. 405.

2(מִשְּׁפָם) הָרִבְלָה Numbers 34:11, on northeast border of land of Israel, certainly not so far north as

1, but site unknown; ᵐ5 ἀπὀ σεπφαμαρ Βηλα, whence Di and others conjecture הַרְבֵּ֫לָךְ, but not Harmel, 8 miles southwest from ׳ו

1 (Wetzst ZAW iii (1883), 274f.), see Dr Hast. DB.

רַבמָֿ֑ג, רַבסָֿרִיס see II. רַב.

I. רבע (√ of following; see [ רָבַע], רֶ֫בַע, רֹ֫בַע etc., below; also in ling. cognate).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

רִבְלָה (“fertility”), [Riblah], pr.n. of a town at the northern border of Palestine, in the land of Hamath, which the Babylonians, both in their incursions and in returning, were accustomed to pass. Traces of it which were previously unknown, appear to me to be found in the town Reblah, situated eight [forty] miles south of Hamath, on the Orontes, mentioned by Buckingham (Travels among the Arab tribes, London, 1825, iv. p. 481), Numbers 34:11; 2 Kings 23:33, 25:6 Jeremiah 39:5, 52:10.


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List of Word Forms
בְּרִבְלָ֖ה בְּרִבְלָֽתָה׃ בְרִבְלָה֙ ברבלה ברבלתה׃ הָרִבְלָ֖ה הרבלה רִבְלָ֑תָה רִבְלָ֖תָה רִבְלָֽתָה׃ רבלתה רבלתה׃ bə·riḇ·lā·ṯāh bə·riḇ·lāh ḇə·riḇ·lāh bəriḇlāh ḇəriḇlāh bəriḇlāṯāh berivLah berivLatah hā·riḇ·lāh hāriḇlāh harivLah riḇ·lā·ṯāh riḇlāṯāh rivLatah verivLah
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