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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4481 KJV: Remphan    HCS: Rephan
Rhemphán hrem-fan'
4482 KJV: flow    NAS: flow    HCS: flow
rhéō hreh'-o
4484 KJV: Rhegium    NAS: Rhegium    HCS: Rhegium
Rhḗgion hrayg'-ee-on
4485 KJV: ruin    NAS: ruin    HCS: destruction
rhēgma hrayg'-mah
4486 KJV: throw down, rend, burst, tear, break forth, break    NAS: slammed, burst, break forth, pieces, slams    HCS: to pieces, burst, down, Burst into, will burst
rhḗgnymi hrayg'-noo-mee, hrace'-so
4487 KJV: not tr, no thing + (3756), word, saying, thing    NAS: say say, matters, fact, words, statement, say, remark, saying, sayings, message, charge, word, things, thing, nothing, discourse    HCS: matters, the words, fact, *, words, statement, the message, command, blasphemous words, promised, saying, sayings, the word, a message, message, charge, word, of words, events, things
rhēma hray'-mah
4488 KJV: Rhesa    NAS: Rhesa    HCS: son of Rhesa
Rhēsá hray-sah'
4489 KJV: orator    NAS: attorney    HCS: lawyer
rhḗtōr hray'-tore
4490 KJV: expressly    NAS: explicitly    HCS: explicitly
rhētōs hray-toce'
4491 KJV: root    NAS: root, roots    HCS: the roots, root, Root, a root
rhíza hrid'-zah
4492 KJV: root    NAS: rooted, firmly rooted    HCS: rooted, being rooted
rhizóō hrid-zo'-o
4493 KJV: twinkling    NAS: twinkling    HCS: the blink
rhipḗ hree-pay'
4494 KJV: toss    NAS: tossed by the wind    HCS: tossed
rhipízō hrip-id'-zo
4495 KJV: cast off    HCS: flinging aside
rhiptéō hrip-teh'-o
4496 KJV: cast out, throw, scatter abroad, cast, cast down    NAS: throwing off, cast, threw, had thrown...down, laid...down, dispirited, thrown    HCS: they threw, worn out, down, he threw, he were thrown, they dropped, They put
rhíptō hrip'-to
4497 KJV: Roboam    NAS: Rehoboam    HCS: Rehoboam
Rhoboám hrob-o-am'
4498 KJV: Rhoda    NAS: Rhoda    HCS: Rhoda
Rhódē hrod'-ay
4499 KJV: Rhodes    NAS: Rhodes    HCS: Rhodes
Rhódos hrod'-os
4500 KJV: with a great noise    NAS: roar    HCS: with a loud noise
rhoizēdón hroyd-zay-don'
4501 KJV: sword    NAS: sword    HCS: sword, a sword, the sword
rhomphaía hrom-fah'-yah
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