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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5019 KJV: Tarsus    NAS: Tarsus    HCS: Tarsus
Tarsós tar-sos'
5020 KJV: cast down to hell    NAS: cast...into hell    HCS: threw them down into Tartarus
tartaróō tar-tar-o'-o
5021 KJV: addict, appoint, ordain, determine, set    NAS: appointed, determined, established, designated, set, devoted    HCS: After arranging, the church arranged, had directed, appointed, have devoted, placed, is assigned, instituted
tássō tas'-so
5022 KJV: ox, bull    NAS: oxen, bulls    HCS: of bulls, bulls, oxen
taûros tow'-ros
5024 KJV: even thus, like, so, like manner    HCS: these, like this, These
tautá tow-tah'
5027 KJV: to bury + (1519)    NAS: burial place    HCS: a burial place
taphḗ taf-ay'
5028 KJV: sepulchre, tomb    NAS: grave, tombs    HCS: tomb, tombs, grave
táphos taf'-os
5029 KJV: peradventure, perhaps    NAS: perhaps    HCS: perhaps, might
tácha takh'-ah
5030 KJV: shortly, soon, suddenly, hastily, quickly    NAS: once, shortly, soon, hastily, quickly    HCS: t be too quick, be easily, soon, quickly
tachéōs takh-eh'-oce
5031 KJV: shortly, swift    NAS: swift, imminent    HCS: swift, I will soon
tachinós takh-ee-nos'
5032 KJV: shortly, the sooner, outrun + (4390), quickly    HCS: very soon, soon, quickly
táchion takh'-ee-on
5033 KJV: with all speed + (5613)
táchista takh'-is-tah
5034 KJV: shortly + (1722), quickly + (1722), speedily + (1722)    NAS: shortly, soon, quickly
táchos takh'-os
5035 KJV: quickly, lightly    NAS: before long, possible, soon afterward, quickly    HCS: soon, Quick, quickly
tachý takh-oo'
5036 KJV: swift    NAS: soon, quickly, quick, sooner, faster    HCS: quick
tachýs takh-oos'
5037 KJV: not tr, even, both, then, whether, and, also    NAS: alike, only, even, both, along, well, or, whether, also    HCS:
5038 KJV: wall    NAS: wall, walls    HCS: wall, walls
teîchos ti'-khos
5039 KJV: infallible proof    NAS: convincing proofs    HCS: convincing proofs
tekmḗrion tek-may'-ree-on;
5040 KJV: little children    NAS: little children    HCS: Little children, Children, little children
tekníon tek-nee'-on
5041 KJV: bear children    NAS: bear children    HCS: have children
teknogonéō tek-nog-on-eh'-o
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