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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4502 KJV: Reuben    NAS: Reuben    HCS: of Reuben
Rhoubḗn hroo-bane'
4503 KJV: Ruth    NAS: Ruth    HCS: Ruth
Rhoúth hrooth
4504 KJV: Rufus    NAS: Rufus    HCS: Rufus
Rhoûphos hroo'-fos
4505 KJV: street, lane    NAS: streets, street, lanes    HCS: streets, street, alleys
rhýmē hroo'-may
4506 KJV: Deliverer, deliver    NAS: rescue, Deliverer, delivered, rescued, deliver, rescues,    HCS: Liberator, who rescues, I may be rescued, rescued, we may be delivered, deliver, how to rescue, if He rescued, He will deliver, let God rescue, since we have been rescued, has rescued, has delivered, will rescue, I was rescued
rhýomai rhoo'-om-ahee
4507 KJV: filthiness    NAS: filthiness    HCS: moral filth
rhyparía hroo-par-ee'-ah
4508 KJV: vile    NAS: dirty, filthy    HCS: dirty, filthy
rhyparós rhoo-par-os'
4509 KJV: filth    NAS: dirt    HCS: of the filth
rhýpos hroo'-pos
4510 KJV: filthy    HCS: being made filthy
rhypóō rhoo-po'-o
4511 KJV: issue    NAS: hemorrhage    HCS: bleeding
rhýsis hroo'-sis
4512 KJV: wrinkle    NAS: wrinkle    HCS: wrinkle
rhytís hroo-tece'
4513 KJV: Latin
Rhōmaïkós rho-mah-ee-kos'
4514 KJV: of Rome, Roman    NAS: Romans, Rome, Roman    HCS: the Romans, a Roman, who is a Roman, Romans, as Romans, Roman, from Rome
Rhōmaîos hro-mah'-yos
4515 KJV: Latin    NAS: Latin    HCS: Latin
Rhōmaïstí hro-mah-is-tee'
4516 KJV: Rome    NAS: Rome    HCS: Rome
Rhṓmē hro'-may
4517 KJV: farewell    NAS: farewell    HCS: Farewell
rhṓnnymi hrone'-noo-mee
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