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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

956 KJV: dart    NAS: arrows    HCS: arrows
bélos bel'-os
957 KJV: very well    NAS: very well    HCS: very well
beltíon bel-tee'-on
958 KJV: Benjamin    NAS: Benjamin    HCS: of Benjamin
Beniamín ben-ee-am-een'
959 KJV: Bernice    NAS: Bernice    HCS: Bernice
Berníkē ber-nee'-kay
960 KJV: Berea    NAS: Berea    HCS: Berea
Béroia ber'-oy-ah
961 KJV: of Berea    NAS: Berea    HCS: from Berea
Beroiaîos ber-oy-ah'-yos
962 KJV: Bethabara
Bēthabará bay-thab-ar-ah'
963 KJV: Bethany    NAS: Bethany    HCS: far as Bethany, Bethany
Bēthanía bay-than-ee'-ah
964 KJV: Bethesda    NAS: Bethesda    HCS: Bethesda
Bēthesdá bay-thes-dah'
965 KJV: Bethlehem    NAS: Bethlehem    HCS: Bethlehem, of Bethlehem
Bēthleém bayth-leh-em'
966 KJV: Bethsaida    NAS: Bethsaida    HCS: Bethsaida
Bēthsaïdá bayth-sahee-dah'
967 KJV: Bethphage    NAS: Bethphage    HCS: Bethphage
Bēthphagḗ bayth-fag-ay'
968 KJV: judgment seat, to set (one's) foot on + (4128), throne    NAS: ground, judgment seat, rostrum, tribunal    HCS: of ground, throne, tribunal, s bench
bēma bay'-ma
969 KJV: beryl    NAS: beryl    HCS: beryl
bḗryllos bay'-rool-los
970 KJV: violence    NAS: violence, force    HCS: pounding, violence, force
bía bee'-ah
971 KJV: press, suffer violence    NAS: forcing his way, suffers violence    HCS: *, has been suffering violence
biázō bee-ad'-zo
972 KJV: mighty    NAS: violent    HCS: that of a violent
bíaios bee'-ah-yos
973 KJV: violent    NAS: violent men    HCS: the violent
biastḗs bee-as-tace'
974 KJV: little book    NAS: little book    HCS: a little scroll, little scroll
bibliarídion bib-lee-ar-id'-ee-on
975 KJV: scroll, book, writing, bill    NAS: scroll, certificate, book, books    HCS: The scroll, a scroll, of the scroll, scroll, scrolls, books, papers, book
biblíon bib-lee'-on
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