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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1198 KJV: prisoner, in bonds, be in bonds    NAS: prisoner, prisoners    HCS: a prisoner, prisoner, as a prisoner, prisoners
désmios des'-mee-os
1199 KJV: bond, chain, band, string    NAS: bond, imprisonment, bonds, impediment, chains    HCS: well as bonds, difficulty, imprisonment, restraints, bondage, of being bound, chains
desmón des-mon', des-mos'
1200 KJV: keeper of the prison, jailor    NAS: jailer    HCS: jailer
desmophýlax des-mof-oo'-lax
1201 KJV: prison    NAS: prison house, imprisoned    HCS: jail, prison
desmōtḗrion des-mo-tay'-ree-on
1202 KJV: prisoner    NAS: prisoners    HCS: prisoners
desmṓtēs des-mo'-tace
1203 KJV: master, Lord    NAS: masters, Master, Lord    HCS: masters, the Master, Lord, Master
despótēs des-pot'-ace
1204 KJV: come hither, hitherto + (891 + (3588), come    NAS: come, come here    HCS: now, come, Come
deûro dyoo'-ro
1205 KJV: follow + (3694), come    NAS: follow, come, come away    HCS: Come away, Come, Follow
deûte dyoo'-teh
1206 KJV: next day    NAS: second day    HCS: and the second day
deuteraîos dyoo-ter-ah'-yos
1207 KJV: second after the first
deuteróprōtos dyoo-ter-op'-ro-tos
1208 KJV: the second time, the second time + (1537), second, afterward, again, secondarily, again + (1537)    NAS: subsequently, second one, second, second time, twice    HCS: was the second, The second, second, and later, *, the second, a second, A second, a double, second time, for a second
deúteros dyoo'-ter-os
1209 KJV: receive, accept, take up, take    NAS: accept, receives, take, took, welcomed, receive, taken, accepted, received, welcome    HCS: you welcomed, having received, up, 'Take, he accepted, After I received, they may welcome, received, one who welcomes, accept, to accept, welcomes, they welcome, welcomed, Take, receive, you received, accepted, people will welcome, welcome, He took, had welcomed
déchomai dekh'-om-ahee
1210 KJV: wind, tie, bind, be in bonds, knit    NAS: tied, chains, binding, bind, prisoners, binds, bound, imprisoned    HCS: tied, Are you bound, has bound, wrapped, up, in prison, prisoners, already bound, will bind, ties up, who was in prison, them as prisoners, to be bound, I am in prison, to restrain, tie, to chain, you bind, chained, bound, him to be bound, to arrest, is bound, had been bound, as prisoners
déō deh'-o
1211 KJV: not tr, doubtless, now, therefore, and, also    NAS: therefore, indeed, then    HCS: Therefore, and
dḗ day
1212 KJV: bewray + (4160), manifest, evident, certain    NAS: evident, away    HCS: it is clear, away, it is obvious
dēlos day'-los
1213 KJV: show, declare, signify    NAS: show, denotes, informed, indicating, made clear, signifying    HCS:
dēlóō day-lo'-o
1214 KJV: Demas    NAS: Demas    HCS: Demas
Dēmâs day-mas'
1215 KJV: make an oration    NAS: delivering an address    HCS: delivered a public address
dēmēgoréō day-may-gor-eh'-o
1216 KJV: Demetrius    NAS: Demetrius    HCS: Demetrius
Dēmḗtrios day-may'-tree-os
1217 KJV: maker    NAS: builder    HCS: architect
dēmiourgós day-me-oor-gos'
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