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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4601 KJV: keep silence, keep close, hold (one's) peace, keep secret    NAS: kept silent, quiet, kept secret, stopped speaking, became silent, keep silent, silent    HCS: kept silent, stopped speaking, fell silent, keep quiet, to be silent, should be silent, that person should keep silent, they became silent, prophet should be silent
sigáō see-gah'-o
4602 KJV: silence    NAS: silence, hush    HCS: hush, silence
sigḗ see-gay'
4603 KJV: iron, of iron    NAS: iron    HCS: an iron, iron
sidḗreos sid-ay'-reh-os
4604 KJV: iron    NAS: iron    HCS: iron
sídēros sid'-ay-ros
4605 KJV: Sidon    NAS: Sidon    HCS: way of Sidon, Sidon
Sidṓn sid-one'
4606 KJV: Sidon    NAS: Sidon    HCS: Sidonians, in Sidon
Sidṓnios sid-o'-nee-os
4607 KJV: murderer    NAS: Assassins
sikários sik-ar'-ee-os
4608 KJV: strong drink    NAS: liquor    HCS: wine
síkera sik'-er-ah
4609 KJV: Silas    NAS: Silas    HCS: Silas, but Silas
Sílas see'-las
4610 KJV: Silvanus    NAS: Silvanus    HCS: Silvanus
Silouanós sil-oo-an-os'
4611 KJV: Siloam    NAS: Siloam    HCS: of Siloam, Siloam
Silōám sil-o-am'
4612 KJV: apron    NAS: aprons    HCS: work aprons
simikínthion sim-ee-kin'-thee-on
4613 KJV: Simon (of Cyrene), Simon (Magus), Simon (father of Judas), Simon (Peter), Simon (brother of Jesus), Simon (the tanner), Simon (the leper), Simon (the Pharisee), Simon (Zelotes)    NAS: Simon Simon, Simon, Simon's    HCS:
Símōn see'-mone
4614 KJV: Sinai, Sina    NAS: Sinai    HCS: Sinai
Sinâ see-nah'
4615 KJV: mustard seed    NAS: mustard    HCS: a mustard
sínapi sin'-ap-ee
4616 KJV: fine linen, linen, linen cloth    NAS: linen sheet, linen cloth    HCS: in fine linen, fine linen, linen, having a linen cloth, some fine linen, linen cloth
sindṓn sin-done'
4617 KJV: sift    NAS: sift    HCS: to sift
4618 KJV: fatted    NAS: fattened    HCS: fattened
siteutós sit-yoo-tos'
4619 KJV: fatling    NAS: fattened livestock    HCS: fattened cattle
sitistós sit-is-tos'
4620 KJV: portion of meat    NAS: rations    HCS: allotted food
sitómetron sit-om'-et-ron
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