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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1218 KJV: people    NAS: people, assembly    HCS: assembled people, public assembly, people
dēmos day'-mos
1219 KJV: publicly, openly, common    NAS: publicly, public    HCS: in public
dēmósios day-mos'-ee-os
1220 KJV: pence, pennyworth, penny    NAS: denarii, denarius    HCS: denarii, for a denarius, a denarius, on a denarius, one denarius
dēnárion day-nar'-ee-on
1221 KJV: whatsoever + (3769)    NAS: whatever
dḗpote day'-pot-eh
1222 KJV: verily    NAS: assuredly    HCS: it is clear
dḗpou day'-poo
1223 KJV: for ... sake, for, by, through, for this cause + (5124), misc, therefore + (5124), because, with    NAS: way, since, continually, sakes, this reason, view, presence, always, this, so then, so, what, reason, gives, forever, though, over, therefore, briefly, after, sake, means, constantly, afterward, through the agency, during, account, between, through, charge, why, because    HCS: for this reason, Why, mdash; by, by means of, continually, things by, through, benefit, and because of, always, things for, did. By, they were on, it in, out of, mdash; for, that is why, because of, information because of, In, Because, with, sake, spoken through, others through, of, So, is, During, in the presence of, me by, about by, from, sake, you used, This issue arose because of, comes through, mdash; through, but are, when, during, After, that is through, them with, letter through, right through, exist through, he was the reason, in view of, out of consideration for, made by, things are through, throughout, For, Since, as in, that by, since, advantage, Because of this, that through, a message by, in spite of having, in, on the way, this because of, made for, for it with, That is why, so, that way because of, Through, it is for, for, s why, things exist for, came through, by, I always, For this reason, this letter to be delivered by, Because of, it for, this is why, it was because of, ever, And why, to do so with, therefore, is for, By, from place, after, an escape through, let us continually, at, on the basis of, under, between, Therefore, This is why, Jesus because of, repeatedly, through, it came by, anything because, many things because of, because, me, since, why, on account of
diá dee-ah'
1224 KJV: pass, pass through, come over    NAS: come over, passed through    HCS: they crossed, Cross over, to pass over
diabaínō dee-ab-ah'ee-no
1225 KJV: accuse    NAS: reported    HCS: received an accusation
diabállō dee-ab-al'-lo
1226 KJV: affirm constantly, affirm    NAS: make confident assertions, speak confidently    HCS: to insist on, they are insisting on
diabebaióomai dee-ab-eb-ahee-o'-om-ahee
1227 KJV: see clearly    NAS: see, looked intently, see clearly    HCS: he saw distinctly, you will see clearly
diablépō dee-ab-lep'-o
1228 KJV: devil, slanderer, false accuser    NAS: devil, malicious gossips    HCS: of the Devil, slanderers, Devil's, the Devil, Devil
diábolos dee-ab'-ol-os
1229 KJV: signify, declare, preach    NAS: proclaim everywhere, giving notice, proclaimed    HCS: announcing, and spread the news, may be proclaimed
diangéllō de-ang-gel'-lo
1230 KJV: be spent, after, be past    NAS: elapsed, passed, over    HCS: had passed, was over
diagínomai dee-ag-in'-om-ahee
1231 KJV: know the uttermost, enquire    NAS: determine, decide    HCS: investigate, I will decide
diaginṓskō dee-ag-in-o'-sko
1232 KJV: make known abroad    HCS: they reported
diagnōrízō dee-ag-no-rid'-zo
1233 KJV: hearing    NAS: decision    HCS: trial
diágnōsis dee-ag'-no-sis
1234 KJV: murmur    NAS: grumble    HCS: it began to complain, were complaining
diagongýzō dee-ag-ong-good'-zo
1235 KJV: be awake    NAS: fully awake    HCS: when they became fully awake
diagrēgoréō dee-ag-ray-gor-eh'-o
1236 KJV: living, lead a life + (979)    NAS: lead,    HCS: living, we may lead
diágō dee-ag'-o
1237 KJV: come after    NAS:    HCS: in turn received
diadéchomai dee-ad-ekh'-om-ahee
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