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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1238 KJV: crown    NAS: diadems    HCS: diadems, crowns
diádēma dee-ad'-ay-mah
1239 KJV: make distribution, divide, give, distribute    NAS: distributes, distribute, distributed    HCS: He distributed, divides up, distribute, distributed
diadídōmi dee-ad-id'-o-mee
1240 KJV: come into (one's) room + (2983)    NAS: succeeded    HCS: a successor
diádochos dee-ad'-okh-os
1241 KJV: gird    NAS: girded, put    HCS: around, tied around, and tied it around
diazṓnnymi dee-az-own'-noo-mee
1242 KJV: covenant, testament    NAS: covenant, covenants    HCS: covenant, a covenant, covenants, a will, the covenant
diathḗkē dee-ath-ay'-kay
1243 KJV: difference, diversity    NAS: varieties    HCS: different
diaíresis dee-ah'ee-res-is
1244 KJV: divide    NAS: distributing, divided...between    HCS: he distributed, distributing
diairéō dee-ahee-reh'-o
1245 KJV: throughly purged    NAS: thoroughly clear    HCS: to clear, He will clear
diakatharízō dee-ak-ath-ar-id'-zo
1246 KJV: convince    NAS: refuted    HCS: refuted
diakatelénchomai dee-ak-at-el-eng'-khom-ahee
1247 KJV: serve, minister unto, misc, minister    NAS: waited, serve as deacons, administration, minister, administered,, servant, serve, served as deacons, ministered, serves, ministering, services...rendered, served, serving, take care, serving, cared, wait, do...the serving    HCS: as deacons, administered, he ministered, to serve, you continue to serve, help, when you served, One who serves, he might serve, who assisted, was serving, they can serve as deacons, one serving, serve, serves, she began to serve, to be served, produced, and ministered, began to serve, serving, that is being administered, and serve, to handle financial matters, were supporting
diakonéō dee-ak-on-eh'-o
1248 KJV: misc, ministering, ministry, ministration    NAS: support, relief, mission, serve, service, serving, preparations, ministry, ministries    HCS: relief, minister, serve, of ministry, tasks, the ministry, am bringing, service, distribution, serving, relief mission, ministry, ministries
diakonía dee-ak-on-ee'-ah
1249 KJV: deacon, minister, servant    NAS: minister, deacons, servant, servants    HCS: Deacons, ministers, a servant, to be ministers, deacons, attendants, They are servants, servant, they servants, servants
diákonos dee-ak'-on-os
1250 KJV: two hundred    NAS: one hundred, two hundred, twelve hundred    HCS: 276, *, 200, Get, Two hundred
diakósioi dee-ak-os'-ee-oy
1251 KJV: hear    NAS: give...a hearing    HCS: a hearing
diakoúomai dee-ak-oo'-om-ahee
1252 KJV: judge, waver, discern, doubt, misc, contend    NAS: doubting, made...distinction, took issue, superior, pass judgment, judge, discern, made distinctions, doubts, doubt, disputed, judged, waver, decide, misgivings    HCS: doubting, with no doubts, should evaluate, you discriminated, distinction, we were properly evaluating, recognizing, whoever doubts, to arbitrate, to read, argued, doubt, so superior, waver, he was disputing, who doubt, doubter
diakrínō dee-ak-ree'-no
1253 KJV: discern, discerning, disputation    NAS: distinguishing, discern, passing judgment    HCS: argue, distinguishing between, distinguish between
diákrisis dee-ak'-ree-sis
1254 KJV: forbid    NAS: prevent    HCS: tried to stop
diakōlýō dee-ak-o-loo'-o
1255 KJV: noise abroad, commune    NAS: discussed, talked about    HCS: were being talked about, started discussing
dialaléō dee-al-al-eh'-o
1256 KJV: speak, reason with, preach unto, reason, dispute, preach    NAS: addressed, discussing, reasoning, talking, carrying on a discussion, argued, discussed, reasoned    HCS: and engaged in discussion, disputing, in a debate, conducting discussions, he reasoned, kept on speaking, spoke, He reasoned, they had been arguing, addresses, engaging in discussion, reasoned
dialégomai dee-al-eg'-om-ahee
1257 KJV: cease    NAS: ceased
dialeípō dee-al-i'-po
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