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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2995 KJV: throat    NAS: throat    HCS: throat
lárynx lar'-oongks
2996 KJV: Lasea    NAS: Lasea    HCS: of Lasea
Lasaía las-ah'-yah
2997 KJV: burst asunder    NAS: burst open    HCS: and burst open
láschō las'-kho
2998 KJV: hew    NAS: hewn    HCS: he had cut, cut out
latoméō lat-om-eh'-o
2999 KJV: divine service, service    NAS: divine worship, service of worship, service    HCS: worship, temple service, for ministry, ministry, service
latreía lat-ri'-ah
3000 KJV: serve, worship, do the service, worshipper    NAS: serve, worship, offer, service, serving, served, worshipers, worshiper    HCS: who serve, These serve, they serve, to serve, I worship, to worship, serve, worship, worshiper's, ones who serve, served, serving, worshipers, will serve, I serve, we may serve
latreúō lat-ryoo'-o
3001 KJV: herb    NAS: garden herb, vegetables, garden plants    HCS: only vegetables, herb, vegetables
láchanon lakh'-an-on
3002 KJV: Lebbaeus
Lebbaîos leb-bah'-yos
3003 KJV: legion    NAS: Legion, legions, legion    HCS: is Legion, Legion, legions, legion
legeṓn leg-eh-ohn'
3004 KJV: speak, tell, misc, say, call    NAS: thought, telling, made, speak, mention, speaks, speaking, greeted, bring charges, quote, give, addressing, told, talking, claiming, stating, meant, gives, ask, remarking, agree, tell, things spoken, referred, claimed, said said, calling, follows, named, shouting, means, asking, say, says, call, asked, called, command, stated, calls, said, ordered, saying, spoke, thing spoken, designated, using, mean, so-called, spoken    HCS:
légō leg'-o
3005 KJV: remnant    NAS: remnant    HCS: a remnant
leîmma lime'-mah
3006 KJV: smooth    NAS: smooth    HCS: smooth
leîos li'-os
3007 KJV: lack, be wanting, be destitute, want + (1722)    NAS: lacking, need, lacks, lack, remains    HCS: lacking, will lack, lacks, what was left undone, lack
leípō li'-po
3008 KJV: minister    NAS: minister, ministering    HCS: were ministering, after day ministering, to minister
leitourgéō li-toorg-eh'-o
3009 KJV: ministry, ministration, service    NAS: service, priestly service, ministry    HCS: of worship, service, ministry
leitourgía li-toorg-ee'-ah
3010 KJV: ministering    NAS: ministering    HCS: ministering
leitourgikós li-toorg-ik-os'
3011 KJV: he that ministers, minister    NAS: ministers, minister, servants    HCS: minister, public servants, a minister, servants
leitourgós li-toorg-os'
3012 KJV: towel    NAS: towel    HCS: with the towel, a towel
léntion len'-tee-on
3013 KJV: scale    NAS: scales    HCS: scales
lepís lep-is'
3014 KJV: leprosy    NAS: leprosy    HCS: disease, skin disease
lépra lep'-rah
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