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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5525 KJV: dancing    NAS: dancing    HCS: dancing
chorós khor-os'
5526 KJV: fill, feed, satisfy, be full    NAS: satisfy, satisfied, fed, filled    HCS: was filled, were filled, to be filled, to eat his fill, will be filled, you will be filled, fill, to be satisfied, eat well, well fed, to fill
chortázō khor-tad'-zo
5527 KJV: sustenance    NAS: food    HCS: food
chórtasma khor'-tas-mah
5528 KJV: hay, grass, blade    NAS: wheat, hay, grass, blade    HCS: plants, of the grass, grass, of the field, hay, the blade
chórtos khor'-tos
5529 KJV: Chuza    NAS: Chuza    HCS: of Chuza
Chouzâs khood-zas'
5530 KJV: use, entreat    NAS: uses, use, vacillating, used, do, treated    HCS: have used, *, take the opportunity, we use, uses, made use of, use, they used, who use, treated
chráomai khrah'-om-ahee
5532 KJV: necessity, need + (2192), need, wants, needful, use, lack, business, necessary    NAS: needs, necessary, need, task, needed    HCS: in need, needs, someone in need, a need, *, need, we need, be dependent on, s basic needs, he was in need, who needed, duty, you need, You need, we needed, necessary
chreía khri'-ah
5533 KJV: debtor    NAS: debtors    HCS: debtors
chreōpheilétēs khreh-o-fi-let'-ace
5534 KJV: ought    NAS: ought    HCS: things should
chrḗ khray
5535 KJV: need, have need    NAS: needs, have need, need    HCS: much as he needs, do we need, help, you need
chrḗizō khrade'-zo
5536 KJV: money, riches    NAS: wealthy, money    HCS: money, wealth
chrēma khray'-mah
5537 KJV: speak, be admonished of God, be warned from God, reveal, call, be warned of God    NAS: revealed, directed, warned, called    HCS: called, revealed, who warned, was divinely directed, she will be called, after he was warned, was warned, being warned
chrēmatízō khray-mat-id'-zo
5538 KJV: answer of God    NAS: divine response    HCS: s reply
chrēmatismós khray-mat-is-mos'
5539 KJV: profit    NAS: useless    HCS: way profitable
chrḗsimos khray'-see-mos
5540 KJV: use    NAS: function    HCS: relations, sexual relations
chrēsis khray'-sis
5541 KJV: be kind    NAS: kind    HCS: is kind
chrēsteúomai khraste-yoo'-om-ahee
5542 KJV: good words    NAS: smooth    HCS: smooth talk
chrēstología khrase-tol-og-ee'-ah
5543 KJV: goodness, easy, gracious, good, kind, better    NAS: easy, kind, good, kindness    HCS: is easy, is good, good, gracious, kind, kindness, better
chrēstós khrase-tos'
5544 KJV: goodness, gentleness, good, kindness    NAS: good, kindness    HCS: kindness, what is good, His kindness
chrēstótēs khray-stot'-ace
5545 KJV: unction, anointing    NAS: anointing    HCS: an anointing, anointing
chrîsma khris'-mah
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