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Entry for Strong's #6953 - קֹהֶלֶת

Word Origin
fem. of act part from (06950)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) collector (of sentences), preacher, public speaker, speaker in an assembly, Qoheleth

Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (7) NAS (7) HCS (7)
Ecclesiastes 7
Ecclesiastes 7
Ecclesiastes 7
n-cms 7
n-cms 7
n-cms 7

Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 קֹהֶ֫לֶת, ( קוֺהֶ֫לֶת Ecclesiastes 12:8) noun masculine Ecclesiastes 1:2 collector (of sentences), or (AV RV) preacher ( concionator Jerome: ἐκκλησιαστήςᵐ5 (member of an ἐκκλησία); feminine either of office, Ges§ 122 r De Now Che, compare סֹפֶרֶת Ezra 2:55; , Khalif; German Majestät, Excellenz; or as in Arabic with intensive force, one realizing the idea in its completeness (compare great collector, deep investigator (formed like קֹהֶלֶת), W AG i. § 233 R. c. see Dr Intr. 466; RVm great orator): hence either convener, or great collector (of sentences), compare בַּעֲלֵי אֲסֻמּוֺת Ecclesiastes 12:11, למעא דברי חפץ׳בקּשׁ ק Ecclesiastes 12:10 (but Kö Einl. 428 Dr l.c. and others speaker in assembly, Plumptre debater)); — ׳ק a king in Jerusalem, son of David, probably = Song of Solomon , the pseudonym of book of Ecclesiastes: Ecclesiastes 1:1, Ecclesiastes 1:2 (apposition of אֲנִי), called חכם Ecclesiastes 12:9; compare Ecclesiastes 12:10; ׳אמר ק Ecclesiastes 1:2, ׳אמר הק Ecclesiastes 12:8 = Ecclesiastes 7:27 for ᵑ0׳אמרה ק.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
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All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

קֹהֶלֶת Koheleth, pr. name by which Solomon is designated in the book which bears this name [Ecclesiastes]; so that it is usually masc. and without the art. (Ecclesiastes 1:1, 12:9, 10 Ecclesiastes 12:10); with art. Ecclesiastes 12:8 (see Lehrg. p. 656, 657); once fem. Ecclesiastes 7:27 on account of the f. termination, which is not uncommon in nouns denoting offices (see פֶּחָה, כְּנָת, خَلِيفَةُ, Lehrg. p. 468, 469, 878, 879); and in the proper names of men in the later Hebrew (see סֹפֶרֶת, פֹּכֶרֶת ). As to the signification, the only true one appears to me to be the very old one of the LXX. and Vulg. ἐκκλησιαστής, ecclesiastes, i.e. concionator, preacher; one who addresses a public assembly, and discourses of human affairs; i.q. בַּעַל אֲסֻפָּה Ecclesiastes 12:9 prop. assembling; unless it be preferred to derive the signification of preacher or orator from the primary power of calling and speaking (קָהַל=קוֹל, قال). Symm. renders παροιμιαστής, i.e. collector of proverbs; but קָהַל is never used for collecting things. Other opinions, of little probability, are given and discussed by Bochart, Hieroz. t. i. p. 88; Jahn, Einleit. in das A. T. vol. ii. p. 828; Rosenmüller, Scholai, p. ix. vol. II. § 1.

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List of Word Forms
הַקּוֹהֶ֖לֶת הקוהלת קֹהֶ֑לֶת קֹהֶ֔לֶת קֹהֶ֖לֶת קֹהֶ֗לֶת קֹהֶ֣לֶת קהלת hakkoHelet haq·qō·w·he·leṯ haqqōwheleṯ koHelet qō·he·leṯ qōheleṯ
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