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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

872 KJV: entry    NAS: entrance    HCS: entrance
be'âh be-aw'
873 KJV: bad    NAS: evil    HCS: evil
bi'ûsh be-oosh'
874 KJV: plainly, plain, declare    NAS: inscribe, distinctly, expound    HCS: clearly, to explain
bâ'ar baw-ar'
875 KJV: well, slimepits, not translated, pit    NAS: well, pits, well's, pit, wells    HCS: let the Pit, the Pit, the well, *, a well, wells, any well, well's, well, spring, pits
be'êr be-ayr'
876 KJV: Beer    NAS: Beer    HCS: Beer
be'êr be-ayr'
877 KJV: cistern    NAS: well, pit, cisterns
bô'r bore
878 KJV: Beera    NAS: Beera    HCS: Beera
be'êrâ' be-ay-raw'
879 KJV: Beerelim    NAS: Beer-elim    HCS: reaches Beer-elim
be'êr 'êlı̂ym be-ayr' ay-leem'
880 KJV: Beerah    NAS: Beerah    HCS: Beerah
be'êrâh be-ay-raw'
881 KJV: Beeroth    NAS: Beeroth    HCS: Beeroth's, Beeroth
be'êrôth be-ay-rohth'
882 KJV: Beeri    NAS: Beeri    HCS: of Beeri
be'êrı̂y be-ay-ree'
883 KJV: Beerlahairoi, the well Lahairoi    NAS: Beer-lahai-roi    HCS: lahai-roi, A Well of the Living One Who Sees Me
be'êr lachay rô'ı̂y be-ayr' lakh-ah'ee ro-ee'
884 KJV: Beersheba    NAS: Beersheba    HCS: of Beer-sheba, is Beer-sheba, to Beer-sheba, Beer-sheba, at Beer-sheba
be'êr sheba‛ be-ayr' sheh'-bah
885 KJV: Beeroth....Jaakan    NAS: Beeroth Bene-jaakan    HCS: Beeroth Bene-jaakan
be'êrôth benêy-ya‛ăqan be-ay-roth' be-nay' yah-a-can'
886 KJV: Beerothite    NAS: Beerothite, Beerothites    HCS: Beerothites, Beerothite
be'êrôthı̂y be-ay-ro-thee'
887 KJV: abhor, abomination, stinking savour, utterly, loathsome, stink    NAS: odious, making me odious, made, grow foul, became foul, made themselves odious, made yourself odious, surely made himself odious, acts disgustingly, become foul, become odious, surely made, stink    HCS: smelled, you have become repulsive, and stink, repulsive, are foul, Since he has made himself detestable, they had made themselves repulsive, smelled so bad, odious, reek, rot, there was a terrible odor, will stink, smell, act disgustingly, they had become repulsive
bâ'ash baw-ash'
888 KJV: displeased    NAS: distressed    HCS: displeased
be'êsh be-aysh'
889 KJV: stink    NAS: stench    HCS: the stench, stench, I caused the stench
be'ôsh be-oshe'
890 KJV: cockle    NAS: stinkweed    HCS: stinkweed
bo'shâh bosh-aw'
891 KJV: wild grapes    NAS: worthless ones    HCS: worthless grapes
be'ûshı̂ym be-oo-sheem'
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