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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

927 KJV: trouble, haste    NAS: alarmed, haste, alarming, alarm, hurriedly, kept alarming    HCS: terrify, terrified, hurried, alarmed, *, alarm, so terrified
behal be-hal'
1887 KJV: lo, behold    NAS: now, behold    HCS: Here
hê' hay
1888 KJV: even, lo    NAS: even, look    HCS: Look
hê', hâ' hay, haw
1889 KJV: aha    NAS: aha    HCS: Aha, Good, aha, defiantly, Ah
he'âch heh-awkh'
1890 KJV: offering    NAS: gifts    HCS: gifts
habhâb hab-hawb'
1891 KJV: become vain, make vain    NAS: act foolishly, became empty, leading you into futility, became vain, vainly hope    HCS: false hope, became worthless, *, worthless
hâbal haw-bal'
1892 KJV: vanity, altogether, vain    NAS: useless, vain, breath, delusion, vanity, idols, worthless, vapor, emptily, mere breath, fraud, futility, emptiness, futile, vanity of vanities, vainly, nothing, fleeting    HCS: as we looked in vain, such futile, worthless idols, *, bring futility, by worthless idols, is completely worthless, to be futile, and offer empty, breath, in vain, is only a vapor, Absolute futility, mist, a breath, idols, fraud, are a breath, futility, is futile, are fleeting, futile, a futility, a vapor, is fleeting, to worthless idols, empty talk, are meaningless, fleeting, are worthless, Can any of the worthless idols
hebel, hăbêl heh'-bel, hab-ale'
1893 KJV: Abel    NAS: Abel    HCS: Abel
hebel heh'-bel
1894 KJV: ebony    NAS: ebony    HCS: ebony
hôben ho'-ben
1895 KJV: astrologer    NAS: astrologers    HCS: the astrologers
hâbar haw-bar'
1896 KJV: Hegai, Hege    NAS: Hegai, Haggedolim    HCS: Hegai, of Hegai, Hegai's
hêgê', hêgay hay-gay', hay-gah'ee
1897 KJV: roaring, imagine, speak, meditate, utter, mourn, talk, mutter, study, sore    NAS: devise, uttering, devising, utters, mutters, moan, meditate, moan sadly, utter, growls, ponders, declare, mutter, meditates, make a sound    HCS: they plot, uttering, will proclaim, *, utters, moan, I moan, I meditate, you are to recite, person thinks, plan, tells, he will moan, utter, growls, I will reflect, will meditate, mutter, plot, Mourn, he meditates, make a sound
hâgâh haw-gaw'
1898 KJV: stayed, take away    NAS: expelled, take away    HCS: Remove, He removed
hâgâh haw-gaw'
1899 KJV: mourning, tale, sound    NAS: sigh, mourning, rumbling    HCS: the rumbling, mourning, a sigh
hegeh heh'-geh
1900 KJV: meditation    NAS: meditation    HCS: meditation
hâgûth haw-gooth'
1901 KJV: meditation, musing    NAS: groaning, musing    HCS: sighing, mused
hâgı̂yg haw-gheeg'
1902 KJV: Higgaion, device, meditation, solemn sound    NAS: Higgaion, resounding music, whispering, meditation    HCS: i>Higgaion, the music, murmuring, the meditation
higgâyôn hig-gaw-yone'
1903 KJV: directly    HCS: corresponding
hâgı̂yn haw-gheen'
1904 KJV: Hagar    NAS: Hagar    HCS: Hagar, Hagar's
hâgâr haw-gawr'
1905 KJV: Haggeri, Hagerite, Hagarenes    NAS: Hagrites, Hagri, Hagrite    HCS: Hagrites, the Hagrites, of Hagri, Hagrite
hagrı̂y, hagrı̂y' hag-ree', hag-ree'
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