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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2243 KJV: bosom    NAS: bosom    HCS: heart
chôb khobe
2244 KJV: held, hide, secretly    NAS: becomes hard, hides, secretly, hid, hushed, concealed, hide, hiding, hidden    HCS: are forced into hiding, He hid, ve been hiding, I hid, withdrew, who had been hiding, hid, is, hidden, were hushed, they hide, hiding, hide, and hid, You will be safe, becomes as hard, he hides, she hid, did you secretly, was hiding, she has hidden, he hid, in hiding, Hide, stay, they had hidden, they are hiding, imprisoned, hidden
châbâ' khaw-baw'
2245 KJV: loved    NAS: loves    HCS: He loves
châbab khaw-bab'
2246 KJV: Hobab    NAS: Hobab    HCS: of Hobab, Hobab
chôbâb kho-bawb'
2247 KJV: hide...    NAS: conceal, hide    HCS: hide, He will try to hide, Hide
châbâh khaw-bah'
2248 KJV: hurt    NAS: crime    HCS: a crime
chăbûlâh khab-oo-law'
2249 KJV: Habor    NAS: Habor    HCS: the Habor, Habor
châbôr khaw-bore'
2250 KJV: bruise, blueness, stripe, hurt, wounds    NAS: scourging, stripes, striking, bruise, welts, wounds    HCS: Lashes, welts, wounds, striking, bruise
chabbûrâh, chabbûrâh, chăbûrâh (1,2) khab-boo-raw', (3) khab-oo-raw'
2251 KJV: beat down, beat out, beat off, threshed    NAS: threshing, beating, beat, beaten    HCS: will thresh, is beaten out, you knock down, She beat out, was threshing
châbaṭ khaw-bat'
2252 KJV: Habaiah    NAS: Hobaiah, Habaiah    HCS: of Hobaiah
chăbayyâh, chăbâyâh khab-ah-yaw', khab-aw-yaw'
2253 KJV: hiding    NAS: hiding    HCS: is hidden
chebyôn kheb-yone'
2254 KJV: very, travaileth, at all, corrupt, bands, corruptly, brought forth, offend, destroy, pledge, take a pledge, withholden, spoil    NAS: debt, ever take, hold him in pledge, brings on destruction, acted very corruptly, taken as pledges, broken, take, offend, ruin, pledge, destroy, retain, travails, labor, taken pledges, taking a in pledge, take a pledge, ruining    HCS: will pay the penalty, will be broken, is seized as collateral, cause havoc, the wicked one is pregnant, longer act wickedly, as security, hold, conceived, you took collateral, taken as collateral, *, is broken, get collateral, she conceived, destroy, brings destruction, as collateral, We have acted corruptly, that ruin
châbal khaw-bal'
2255 KJV: hurt, destroy    NAS: harmed, destroyed, destroy    HCS: hurt, be destroyed, destroy, or interfere
chăbal khab-al'
2256 KJV: pain, snare, lot, destruction, pangs, coast, bands, cord, company, ropes, line, country, sorrows, region, tacklings, portion    NAS: pain, pangs, destruction, coast, portions, lines, tackle, cord, allotment, group, noose, pains, ropes, anguish, seacoast, line, measuring line, rope, labor pains, measurement, region, cords, portion    HCS: destruction, cord lengths, one length, cord, pains, ropes, was in pain, agony, line, rope, region, cords, newborn, Union, The boundary lines, the land, lot, the region, the ropes, the cords, and the ropes, The coastland, will receive two shares, a rope, A rope, Though the ropes, seacoast, measuring line, labor pains, tracts, the territory, portion, a group, The ropes
chebel, chêbel kheh'-bel, khay'-bel
2257 KJV: damage, hurt    NAS: damage, harm, injury    HCS: the damage, *, unharmed
chăbal khab-al'
2258 KJV: pledge    NAS: pledge    HCS: collateral
chăbôl, chăbôlâh khab-ole', khab-o-law'
2259 KJV: shipmaster + (07227), pilot    NAS: pilots, captain    HCS: captains, *, the captains, sailors
chôbêl kho-bale'
2260 KJV: mast    NAS: mast, pledge, Union    HCS: s mast
chibbêl khib-bale'
2261 KJV: rose    NAS: rose, crocus    HCS: am a rose, a rose
chăbatstseleth khab-ats-tseh'-leth
2262 KJV: Habaziniah    NAS: Habazziniah    HCS: of Habazziniah
chăbatstsanyâh khab-ats-tsan-yaw'

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