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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3510 KJV: make sore, made sad, have pain, mar, sorrowful, grieving, sore    NAS: pain, mar, cause him grief, painful, pains, inflicts pain    HCS: crushes, painful, grief, in pain, You must ruin, still in pain, may be sad, the pain
kâ'ab kaw-ab'
3511 KJV: pain, grief, sorrow    NAS: pain, heavy, sorrow    HCS: pain, suffering, an anguished
ke'êb keh-abe'
3512 KJV: sad, grieved, broken    NAS: ever, even, since, same, whatever, if, after, who, soon, much, despondent, when, what, disheartened, according, accordingly, while, just, such, more, though    HCS: you have disheartened, brokenhearted, being intimidated
kâ'âh kaw-aw'
3513 KJV: honourable, chargeable, heavier, promote, many, made heavy, glorious, heavy, honour, harden, glorify, great, misc, sore    NAS: abounding, glorious things, indeed honor, honoring, heavier, multiply, hardened, heavy, enjoy your glory, nobles, distinguished, made our heavy, grave, dim, achieve honor, glorified, burdensome, honored, grew strong, make it glorious, glorify, laid burdens, dull, honor you greatly, went heavily, glorious, held in honor, makes himself rich, harden, boasting, weigh heavily, honorable, honors, respected, make, weigh, made your heavy, became heavy, honor, stopped, made my heavy, became fierce    HCS: have hardened, intensified, loads, receive glory, was the most honored, heavy, will honor, he will honor, we may honor, to act important, will be honored, honored, I will display My glory, He was the most honored, you will get glory, glorious, was poor, I will be honored, the honored, I will honor, more honorable, display My glory, got the upper hand, he hardened, Enjoy your glory, Honor, I would reward, too deaf, was heavy, is heavy, they closed, are the honored, she will honor, I will receive glory, heavily loaded, hardened, multiply, was oppressing, down, you will honor, You are honored, you honor, receive honor, He was more honored, was hardened, Multiply, to honor, I will glorify, I will reveal My glory, be glorified, had heavily burdened, *, higher in rank, is highly respected, You have honored, showing respect, Was he not more honored, dignitaries, harden, we would be a burden, honorable, who honored, honors, to reward, and honored, He will bring honor, was so heavy, was the most important, those who honor, honor, Glorious, Impose heavier, I am honored, deafen, was fierce, filled, serious
kâbad, kâbêd kaw-bad, kaw-bade'
3514 KJV: great number, grievousness, heavy    NAS: heavy, dense, mass, press    HCS: heavy, the stress, mounds, is heavy
kôbed ko'-bed
3515 KJV: grievous, heavier, hardened, heavy, laden, great, much, thick, sore, slow, hard    NAS: grievous, heavier, heavy, stubborn, sorrowful, weighed down, large number, burdensome, thick, numerous, rich, great, much, huge, severe, large, difficult, slow    HCS: of a massive, heavy, is hard, weighed down, impressive, the worst, grew heavy, his hair got so heavy, Thick, severe, too heavy, hesitant, large, was severe, a large, a thick, with a heavy, a large number of, a massive, a severe, has been severe, a huge number of, is a solemn, outweighs, great, rich, is too heavy, They are too much, am slow, difficult
kâbêd kaw-bade'
3516 KJV: liver    NAS: liver, heart    HCS: liver, heart
kâbêd kaw-bade'
3517 KJV: heavily    NAS: difficulty    HCS: difficulty
kebêdûth keb-ay-dooth'
3518 KJV: quench, (go, put, ...) out, quenched    NAS: put, gone, quenched, quenched and extinguished, quench, extinguish, goes, go    HCS: extinguished, out, extinguish, be extinguished, goes out, to extinguish, put out, They would extinguish, be quenched, quenched, one to extinguish, one to quench, *, go out, had gone out
kâbâh kaw-baw'
3519 KJV: honourable, glorious, honour, gloriously, glory    NAS: soul, bosom, wealth, honored, riches, splendor, splendid, glorious, honorable, honor, glory    HCS: after glory, an abundance, Glory, The glory, in glory, May the glory, the glorious, wealth, spirit, riches, of glory, and glorious, of the glory, It is the glory, glorious, being, strength, burden, about the glory, and honor, of the glorious, triumphal glory, with glory, the wealth, It is honorable, honoring, a reward, for His glory, soul, He will display His glory, splendor, *, dignitaries, may I, The nobility, of honor, honor, glory, the glory, the splendor
kâbôd, kâbôd kaw-bode', kaw-bode'
3520 KJV: glorious, stately, carriage    NAS: valuables    HCS: possessions, glorious, a luxurious
kebûddâh keb-ood-daw'
3521 KJV: Cabul    NAS: Cabul    HCS: Cabul, of Cabul
kâbûl kaw-bool'
3522 KJV: Cabbon    NAS: Cabbon    HCS: Cabbon
kabbôn kab-bone'
3523 KJV: pillow    NAS: quilt    HCS: some goat hair
kebı̂yr keb-eer
3524 KJV: most, mighty, strong, mighty men, valiant + (047), feeble + (03808), much    NAS: impotent, mighty one, mighty, older, much, mighty men    HCS: men older, with strong, so much, of mighty, are a blast, the mighty, *, is mighty
kabbı̂yr kab-beer'
3525 KJV: fetters    NAS: fetters    HCS: shackles
kebel keh'-bel
3526 KJV: wash, fuller    NAS: washed, fuller's, wash, washes, fullers'    HCS: is to wash, He is to wash, you wash, to be washed, has been washed, the person who was touched is to wash, He washes, cleansing, must be washed, to the Fuller's, They must wash, they washed, the one being purified must wash, then you must wash, washed, wash, it is to be washed, *, Wash, he must wash, it has been washed, must wash, he is to wash, have been washed, The person is to wash
kâbas kaw-bas'
3527 KJV: multiply    NAS: abundance, multiplies    HCS: and multiplies, abundance
kâbar kaw-bar'
3528 KJV: already, now    NAS: already    HCS: has already, already, long ago, have already, has already
kebâr keb-awr'
3529 KJV: Chebar    NAS: Chebar    HCS: the Chebar
kebâr keb-awr'
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