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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3249 KJV: depart
yâsûr yaw-soor'
4141 KJV: winding about    NAS: surrounding    HCS: surrounding
mûsâb moo-sawb'
4142 KJV: turning, changed, set, inclosed
mûsabbâh, mûsabbâh moo-sab-baw', moo-sab-baw'
5267 KJV: take up
nesaq nes-ak'
5429 KJV: measure    NAS: measures, measure    HCS: about four gallons, that six quarts, quarts, measures, *, six quarts
se'âh seh-aw'
5430 KJV: battle    NAS: boot    HCS: boot
se'ôn seh-own'
5431 KJV: warrior    NAS: guarded, booted warrior    HCS: the trampling
sâ'an saw-an'
5432 KJV: measure    NAS: banishing    HCS: banishing
sa'se'âh sah-seh-aw'
5433 KJV: drunkard, fill, drunken, variant, winebibbers    NAS: drunkard, drunken, drink heavily, heavy drinkers, heavy drinker, drunkards    HCS: of a drunkard, was there. Drunkards, s guzzle, a drunkard, the drunkard, those who drink too much
sâbâ' saw-baw'
5434 KJV: Seba    NAS: Seba    HCS: Seba
sebâ' seb-aw'
5435 KJV: drunken, wine, drink    NAS: liquor, drink    HCS: the drink, drinking, beer
sôbe' so'-beh
5436 KJV: Sabeans    NAS: Sabeans    HCS: the Sabeans
sebâ'ı̂y seb-aw-ee'
5437 KJV: (stood, turned, etc) ... about, remove, round, turn back, turn aside, returned, compass, turn, side, beset, misc, turn away, driven, compass in    NAS: around, form, go around, marched around, encircled, turned, circling, bring...over, faced, bring back, made a circuit, change, circle around, turn back, gathered around, surround, sit, all around, circuit, opened, go about, turned round, make the rounds, swinging, returned, turning, flows around, set, turned over, turned aside, removed, went throughout, circumference, led around, encompass, turned away, taken around, encircling, come around, circled, turn around, turn, turns, directed, surrounded, about, escaped, surrounding, swirling, transferred, march around, changed, away, completely, turned about, circled around, measured the circumference, turned around, walk about, brought around, turn away, engulfed, turn aside, surrounds, brought about, brought, went about, driven    HCS: around, entangled, Circle, They made a circuit, go around, marched around, myself am responsible, turned, was turned over, he turned around, they surrounded, Turn, got away, let us bring back, having changed, stroll through, flows through, he removed, ve moved, who go about, sit down, they make the rounds, He surrounded, the men of Ashdod moved, gathered around, he brought it around, surround, You surround, prowling around, will turn, all around, veer away, will walk around, He turned away, go about, will come around, once again, have surrounded, over, swinging, pivoting, returned, that you turned, Go, turning, transfer, they marched around, who turned, Move aside, is not rolled, was carried around, is to transfer, March around, Then he turned, gather around, They were surrounded, I will turn, They went, She has been turned over, song3>turn, they had traveled, Hezekiah turned, They surrounded, they turned, Go around, turn, turns, surrounded, went, They surround, been traveling around, surrounding, to one side, march around, he would go on a circuit, changed, bypass, away, they will surround, circled around, were changed, they surround, *, will repel, should be moved, are all around, turned around, turn away, indirectly, will be changed, will be turned over, have turned, surrounds, they had moved, who had surrounded, He may return, overcame, he turned, he moved, we traveled around, Circle around, Fall in, will shelter
sâbab saw-bab'
5438 KJV: cause    NAS: turn    HCS: this turn of events
sibbâh sib-baw'
5440 KJV: wrapped, folden together    NAS: wrap around, tangled    HCS: like entangled, are intertwined
sâbak saw-bak'
5441 KJV: thicket    NAS: forest, thicket    HCS: a thicket, thicket
sôbek so'-bek
5442 KJV: thick, thicket    NAS: thickets, thicket    HCS: the thickets, thickets, thicket
sebâk seb-awk'
5443 KJV: sackbut    NAS: trigon    HCS: lyre
sabbekâ', śabbekâ' sab-bek-aw', sab-bek-aw'
5444 KJV: Sibbechai, Sibbecai    NAS: Sibbecai    HCS: Sibbecai, was Sibbecai
sibbekay sib-bek-ah'ee
5445 KJV: carry, burden, bear, labour    NAS: carried, carry, bear, drags, borne    HCS: and bear, will bear, loses its spring, will bear you up, He carried, bear, will carry, bear a load
sâbal saw-bal'
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