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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4593 KJV: wrapped up    HCS: it is drawn
mâ‛ôṭ maw-ote'
5645 KJV: cloud, thickets, clay, thick    NAS: thick clouds, cloud, thickets, clouds, thick cloud    HCS: and thick clouds, of a cloud, Clouds, a cloud, *, The clouds, cloud, thickets, how the clouds, the clouds, clouds, a dense, with clouds
‛âb awb
5646 KJV: thick plank, thick beam    NAS: threshold, thresholds    HCS: canopy, a canopy with pillars, canopies
‛âb ‛ôb awb, obe
5647 KJV: serve, till, do, worshippers, work, service, ear, misc, servant, labour, dress    NAS: given, manufacturers, workers, uses services, tills, cultivates, make servant, keep, slave, been slaves, serve, worship, slaves, perform, subject, make slaves, performed, serving, rendered, imposed, used, use as slaves, become slaves, worked, do, laborers, burdened, enslaved, holding in bondage, cultivated, serves, till, labor, working, work, bondage, served, plowed, cultivate, observe, worshipers, tiller, do the work    HCS: you worship, I have worked, who serve, you will serve, to do, that I worked, to serve, worshiped, we should serve, we may carry out the worship, he is to serve, we will serve, worshiping, ve worked, had served, serve, He served, he will serve, perform, the servants, one who serves, serving, imposed, I served, worker, you will be tilled, used, that they might serve, enslave, we will worship, you will all worship, are forcing to work as slaves, he may work, do, will worship, They worshiped, burdened, Serve, they serve, are to work, we will use to worship, will cultivate, will enslave, you will worship, You are to labor, he may worship, They began to worship, will be cultivated, will be enslaved, They served, is served, You are to serve, The one who works, work, you must carry out, the workers, or used for work, They will carry out, who enslave, you must worship, and serve, will serve, you will do that work, to work, subjects, Worship, workers, and worship, will you serve, they also worshiped, that nation will cultivate, ll work, We will worship, he labored, you work, let us worship, he served, They will serve, you have burdened, worship, They were subject, slaves, Those who work, They will offer, would enslave, ll serve, that work, he worked, who could serve, will do, they may perform, worked, *, were forced to do, attending, they will serve, to worship, He may serve, should you work, who serves, serves, labor, I have done, also served, I will worship, served, tilled, cultivate, they served, they may worship, we may serve, servants
‛âbad aw-bad'
5648 KJV: executed + (01934), made, moved, wrought, do, kept, goeth, cut, do + (01934), worketh, do + (05922)    NAS: made, done, held, torn, carried, committed, does, waging, incited, performs, do, doing, make, going, celebrated, executed, observe, carrying    HCS: held, I made, carried out, He does, committed, keep, you must do, has done, you will be, must be done, must be provided, have You done, he had done, executed, He performs, You may do, made, will be made, Let it be carried out, waged, is being done, *, make, celebrated
‛ăbad ab-ad'
5649 KJV: servant    NAS: servant, servants    HCS: are the servants, servant, you servants, servants
‛ăbad ab-ad'
5650 KJV: bondservant, bondage, bondman, on all sides, manservant, servant    NAS: male servants, Servant, servants', officers, slave, servant's, slave's, slaves, male, slavery, official, male slaves, attendants, servant, male servant, bondage, servants    HCS: a servant, officers, The servants, are slaves, vassal, mdash; slaves, A slave, slave, subject, as slaves, them, the servants, male and female slaves, crews, your servant, male and female servants, officials, male slaves, to slavery, to slavery, the lowest of slaves, male or female slave, of the servants, There was a servant, servant, servant's, soldiers, staff, the servant, will be a slave, a slave, Servant, male servants, subjects, a servant's, make us slaves, slaves, me, be slaves, emissaries, slavery, male and female slave, a male or female slave, male or female servants, official, brought them, the slave, they, *, us, my servants, is a slave, of slavery, not servants, you servants, Slaves, his servants, servants
‛ebed eh'-bed
5651 KJV: Ebed    NAS: Ebed    HCS: Ebed, of Ebed
‛ebed eh'-bed
5652 KJV: work    NAS: deeds    HCS: works
‛ăbâd ab-awd'
5653 KJV: Abda    NAS: Abda    HCS: of Abda, Abda
‛abdâ' ab-daw'
5654 KJV: Obededom    NAS: Obed-edom    HCS: edom's, He assigned Obed-edom, Obed-edom, of Obed-edom, his
‛ôbêd 'ĕdôm o-bade' ed-ome'
5655 KJV: Abdeel    NAS: Abdeel    HCS: of Abdeel
‛abde'êl ab-deh-ale'
5656 KJV: serve, effect, servitude, bondage, work, service, servile, misc, tillage, act, labour    NAS: workers, laborious, kind of service, servitude, service, serving, labors, use, construction work, rural, rite, labor, bondage, work, job, tilled, office, construction, ministry    HCS: by task, for every kind of service, you the work, the service, serve, the labor, of the service, serving, to the service, of constructing, used in worship, of serving, is the service, It was the work, to cultivate, burden, in the work, of making, of service, services, work, tilling, construction, workers, hard I have worked, difficult labor, for the service, other work, responsibility was service, tasks, ritual, service, slavery, employed in the ministry, workload, agricultural, *, the work, of fieldwork, the difference between serving, this work, use, labor, the effect, working, task, The service
‛ăbôdâh, ‛ăbôdâh ab-o-daw', ab-o-daw'
5657 KJV: store of servants, household    NAS: household, servants    HCS: slaves, servants
‛ăbûddâh ab-ood-daw'
5658 KJV: Abdon    NAS: Abdon    HCS: he, Abdon
‛abdôn ab-dohn'
5659 KJV: bondage    NAS: slavery, bondage    HCS: slavery
‛abdûth ab-dooth'
5660 KJV: Abdi    NAS: Abdi    HCS: Abdi, of Abdi
‛abdı̂y ab-dee'
5661 KJV: Abdiel    NAS: Abdiel    HCS: of Abdiel
‛abdı̂y'êl ab-dee-ale'
5662 KJV: Obadiah    NAS: Obadiah    HCS: of Obadiah, Obadiah, and Obadiah
‛ôbadyâh, ‛ôbadyâhû o-bad-yaw', o-bad-yaw'-hoo
5663 KJV: Ebedmelech    NAS: Ebed-melech    HCS: Ebed-melech
‛ebed melek eh'-bed meh'-lek
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