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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2661 KJV: mole    HCS: the moles
chăphôr, chapharpêrâh khaf-ore', khaf-ar-pay-raw'
3942 KJV: before
liphnay lif-nah'ee
6284 KJV: scatter into corners    NAS: cut them to pieces    HCS: to pieces
pâ'âh paw-aw'
6285 KJV: side, quarter, part, corner, end    NAS: forehead, sides, edges, corners, side-growth, sector, side, boundary, corner, temples    HCS: hairline, at the sides, forehead, on their temples, a boundary, corners, to the edge, the forehead, only the corner, to the very edge, side, their temples, shave the edge, the edge
pê'âh pay-aw'
6286 KJV: beautify, boast, vaunt, go over the boughs, glorify, Glory    NAS: glorified, adorn, beautify, boast, show my glory, honor, shows forth his glory, glorify, become boastful    HCS: beautify, might brag, glorifies, has glorified, go over, I may be glorified, You make the choice, He adorns, I will be glorified, glorify, exalt, I will glorify, who has glorified
pâ'ar paw-ar'
6287 KJV: ornaments, tire of thine head, goodly, beauty, bonnets, tires    NAS: headdresses, garland, go over, turban, turbans, go over the boughs, decorated    HCS: a crown of beauty, headdresses, ornate, turban, turbans, a turban
pe'êr peh-ayr'
6288 KJV: bough, sprig, branch    NAS: boughs, branches    HCS: boughs, the branches, shoots
pe'ôrâh, pôrâ'h, pû'râh peh-o-raw', po-raw', poo-raw'
6289 KJV: blackness    NAS: pale
pâ'rûr paw-roor'
6290 KJV: Paran    NAS: Paran    HCS: to Paran, of Paran, Paran
pâ'rân paw-rawn'
6291 KJV: green figs    NAS: figs    HCS: figs
pag pag
6292 KJV: abomination, abominable    NAS: offensive thing, unclean, unclean meat, offense    HCS: is a repulsive, putting polluted, impure, repulsive
piggûl, piggûl pig-gool', pig-gool'
6293 KJV: intreat, intercession, reach, fall, meet, entreat, misc    NAS: met, pleaded, attack, meet, kill, attacked, meets, fell, fall, touched, interceded, make supplication, cut him down, entreat, strike the mark, touched and reached, urge, reached, came, intercede, happen, approach, spare    HCS: met, had urged, you come across, kill, one interceding, has punished, down, interceded, finds, passed, will happen, ask, I will spare, You welcome, He may strike, intercede, will attack, beg, reaching, let them intercede, hit, find, you will meet, they confronted, struck down, who struck down, by pleading, executed, execute, he struck down, He reached, reached, confront, persuade, here and kill
pâga‛ paw-gah'
6294 KJV: chance, occurrent    NAS: misfortune, chance    HCS: crisis, chance
pega‛ peh'-gah
6295 KJV: Pagiel    NAS: Pagiel    HCS: of Pagiel, Pagiel, is Pagiel
pag‛ı̂y'êl pag-ee-ale'
6296 KJV: faint    NAS: exhausted    HCS: they were too exhausted, had been too exhausted
pâgar paw-gar'
6297 KJV: dead body, carcase, corpse    NAS: remains, dead, corpse, dead bodies, carcasses, corpses    HCS: the lifeless bodies, the dead bodies, corpse, on the bodies, dead bodies, carcasses, were only corpses, bodies, of corpses, the corpses, corpses
peger peh'-gher
6298 KJV: meet    NAS: have a common bond, met, meet, meets, have this, have this in common, encounter, common bond    HCS: met, They encounter, will join together, confronted, will meet, I will attack, to meet, meets, he encountered, have this in common, I met
pâgash paw-gash'
6299 KJV: redeem, rescued, ransom, deliver, misc    NAS: surely redeem, rescued, ransom, redeems, redeemed, way been redeemed, any means redeem, redemption price, redeem, ransomed    HCS: ransom, has ransomed, has redeemed, I will ransom, be redeemed, you must certainly redeem, redeem, will be redeemed, want to redeem, You have redeemed, He redeemed, He will redeem, *, redeems, I redeem, redeemed, You redeemed, Redeem, You must redeem, will redeem, it must be ransomed, been redeemed, is to be ransomed, the ones redeemed, I have redeemed, You redeem, you must redeem, You will pay the redemption price, the redeemed
pâdâh paw-daw'
6300 KJV: Pedahel    NAS: Pedahel    HCS: Pedahel
pedah'êl ped-ah-ale'
6301 KJV: Pedahzur    NAS: Pedahzur    HCS: of Pedahzur
pedâhtsûr ped-aw-tsoor'
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