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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

839 KJV: Ashurites    NAS: boxwood
'ăshûr ash-oor'
7738 KJV: variant    HCS: in the storm
shâvâh shaw-vaw'
8372 KJV: chamber, little chamber    NAS: guardroom, room, guardrooms    HCS: armory, of one recess, recess, recesses
tâ', tâ'âh taw, taw-aw'
8373 KJV: longed    NAS: long    HCS: I long
tâ'ab taw-ab'
8374 KJV: abhor    NAS: loathe    HCS: loathe
tâ'ab taw-ab'
8375 KJV: longing    NAS: longing    HCS: longing
ta'ăbâh tah-ab-aw'
8376 KJV: point out    NAS: draw your border line, draw a line    HCS: draw a line
tâ'âh taw-aw'
8377 KJV: wild ox, wild bull    NAS: antelope    HCS: an antelope, the antelope
te'ô, tô' teh-o', toh
8378 KJV: greedily, lust, misc., desire, pleasent    NAS: delight, greedy, desires, intensely, favorite, desire, what is desirable    HCS: the desire, craved, despises his favorite, *, delightful, desire, cravings, What is desirable, with craving, The desire, craving, Our desire, Desire, selfish desires
ta'ăvâh tah-av-aw'
8379 KJV: utmost bound    NAS: utmost bound    HCS: the bounty
ta'ăvâh tah-av-aw'
8380 KJV: twin    HCS: paired, song3>twins, were indeed twins, were twins
tâ'ôm, tâ'ôm taw-ome', taw-ome'
8381 KJV: curse    NAS: curse    HCS: curse
ta'ălâh tah-al-aw'
8382 KJV: bear twin, coupled together, coupled    NAS: double, bear twins    HCS: one having a twin
tâ'am taw-am'
8383 KJV: lies    NAS: toil    HCS: every effort
te'ûn teh-oon'
8384 KJV: fig tree, fig    NAS: fig tree, figs, figs on the fig tree, fig, fig trees    HCS: Figs, early figs, fig tree, the fig tree, of figs, are fig trees, figs, of pressed figs, fig, and the fig tree, a fig tree, they sewed fig, fig trees
te'ên, te'ênâh teh-ane', teh-ay-naw'
8385 KJV: occasion    NAS: heat, occasion    HCS: an occasion, the heat
ta'ănâh, tô'ănâh tah-an-aw', to-an-aw'
8386 KJV: mourning, heaviness    NAS: lamenting    HCS: mourning
ta'ănı̂yâh tah-an-ee-yaw'
8387 KJV: Taanathshiloh    NAS: Taanath-shiloh    HCS: from Taanath-shiloh
ta'ănath shilôh tah-an-ath' shee-lo'
8388 KJV: mark out, draw    NAS: curved, stretches, outlines, extended    HCS: It curved, curved, he outlines, outlines, curving
tâ'ar taw-ar'
8389 KJV: favoured, goodly, form, countenance, resembled, fair + (03303), visage, comely, beautiful + (03303), goodly + (02896)    NAS: handsome, resembling, form, appearance    HCS: figure, handsome, an impressive form, form, *, look, appear, with well-formed
tô'ar to'-ar
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