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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

8656 KJV: Tirzah    NAS: Tirzah    HCS: of Tirzah, Tirzah
tirtsâh teer-tsaw'
8657 KJV: Teresh    NAS: Teresh    HCS: Teresh
teresh teh'-resh
8658 KJV: beryl    NAS: beryl    HCS: topaz, a beryl, beryl, of beryl, *
tarshı̂ysh tar-sheesh'
8659 KJV: Tarshish, Tharshish    NAS: Tarshish    HCS: to Tarshish, to Tarshish, of Tarshish, Tarshish
tarshı̂ysh tar-sheesh'
8660 KJV: Tirshatha    NAS: governor    HCS: governor
tirshâthâ' teer-shaw-thaw'
8661 KJV: Tartan    NAS: commander, Tartan    HCS: the Tartan, that the chief commander
tartân tar-tawn'
8662 KJV: Tartak    NAS: Tartak    HCS: Tartak
tartâq tar-tawk'
8663 KJV: shouting, stirs, crying, noise    NAS: shouts, storm, thundering, shoutings, noise    HCS: The noisy, or how the thunder roars, accompanied by shouts, the shouts
teshû'âh tesh-oo-aw'
8664 KJV: Tishbite    NAS: Tishbite    HCS: Tishbite
tishbı̂y tish-bee'
8665 KJV: broidered    NAS: checkered work    HCS: a specially woven
tashbêts tash-bates'
8666 KJV: expired, answers, return    NAS: turn, spring, answers, return    HCS: spring, his answers, *, would return, answers
teshûbâh, teshûbâh tesh-oo-baw', tesh-oo-baw'
8667 KJV: fellowship    NAS: security    HCS: a security
teśûmeth tes-oo-meth'
8668 KJV: victory, salvation, deliverance, help, safety    NAS: victory, salvation, deliverance, help    HCS: with salvation, salvation, The salvation, deliverance, there is deliverance, *, safety, the salvation, of victory, save, victory, Savior, Deliverance, help
teshû‛âh, teshû‛âh tesh-oo-aw', tesh-oo-aw'
8669 KJV: desire    NAS: desire    HCS: desire
teshûqâh tesh-oo-kaw'
8670 KJV: present    NAS: present    HCS: gift
teshûrâh tesh-oo-raw'
8671 KJV: ninth    NAS: ninth    HCS: ninth
teshı̂y‛ı̂y tesh-ee-ee'
8672 KJV: nineteen + (06240), nine, ninth, nineteenth + (06240)    NAS: ninety-nine, forty-nine, 139, twenty-nine, thirty-ninth, nine, 29, 300, sixty-nine, 973, nineteen, 930, ninth, 928, 956, nineteenth, nine-tenths, 945    HCS: the nineteenth, of nine, item, *, 59,300, 119, was the ninth, 900, 29, feet six inches, nine, amounts to, pounds, present nine, 950, was the nineteenth, 969, 930, of the ninth, and reigned nine, 928, mdash, 956, 209, the ninth, mdash; nine, numbered, 19
têsha‛, tish‛âh tay'-shah, tish-aw'
8673 KJV: ninety    NAS: ninety-nine, 1,290, ninety, ninety-eight, 96, 95, 690, 98, 392, ninety-five, ninety-six    HCS: Each capital had, item, *, 99, 96, sub> feet, year-old, was
tish‛ı̂ym tish-eem'
8674 KJV: Tatnai    NAS: Tattenai    HCS: Tattenai
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