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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1926 KJV: goodly, majesty, comeliness, glorious, excellency, honour, glory, beauty    NAS: array, splendor, majestic, majesty, beautiful, dignity, honor    HCS: majestic, you splendor, majesty, honor, splendor, dignitaries, blessing, glory, of majestic, the splendor
hâdâr haw-dawr'
1927 KJV: honour, beauty    NAS: array, attire, glory    HCS: splendor, the splendor
hădârâh had-aw-raw'
1928 KJV: Hadarezer
hădar‛ezer had-ar-eh'-zer
1929 KJV: Woe worth    NAS: alas    HCS: Woe
hâhh haw
1930 KJV: Alas    NAS: alas    HCS: *, in anguish
hô ho
1931 KJV: which, he, same, that, who, him, such, wherein, this    NAS: Himself, these, which, same, far, herself, who, himself, this, anyone, this same, part, those, one, such, itself    HCS:
hû', hı̂y' hoo, he
1932 KJV: it, one, to be, this    NAS: Himself, which, this, itself    HCS: It, He, that is, he, that
hû', hı̂y' hoo, he
1933 KJV: may be, hath, be, be thou, shall be    NAS: fall, get    HCS: are to become, Fall, be, get, it will lie, Be
hâvâ', hâvâh haw-vaw', haw-vaw'
1934 KJV: was, be, misc    NAS: ruled, continued, kept, beware, have, take place, had, judge, became    HCS: he should be, As I was, As you were, *, kept, you must stay, stationed, there will be, I was, I kept, I continued, Let it be, may keep, let it be, as he was, While I was, will happen, it will be, was, be, remained, will be, is to be, became, were
hâvâ', hâvâh hav-aw', hav-aw'
1935 KJV: honourable, goodly, majesty, comeliness, glorious, honour, glory, beauty    NAS: beauty, natural color, vigor, majestic, majesty, honor, splendor, splendid, glory, authority    HCS: face, vitality, with majesty, honors, Splendor, majestic, majesty, yourself with honor, proud, splendor, is splendid, authority, will make the splendor
hôd hode
1936 KJV: Hod    NAS: Hod    HCS: Hod
hôd hode
1937 KJV: Hodevah    NAS: Hodevah
hôdevâh ho-dev-aw'
1938 KJV: Hodaviah    NAS: Hodaviah    HCS: of Hodaviah, Hodaviah, Hodaviah's
hôdavyâh ho-dav-yaw'
1939 KJV: Hodaiah    NAS: Hodaviah    HCS: Hodaviah
hôdayevâhû ho-dah-yeh-vaw'-hoo
1940 KJV: Hodiah
hôdı̂yâh ho-dee-yaw'
1941 KJV: Hodijah    NAS: Hodiah    HCS: of Hodiah's, Hodiah
hôdı̂yâh ho-dee-yaw'
1942 KJV: calamity, substance, mischief, iniquity, naughty, noisome, wickedness, mischievous, naughtiness, perverse thing    NAS: calamity, greed, destruction, calamities, desire, destructive, deadly, craving    HCS: devastation, destruction, destructive behavior, what they crave, evil desire, the destructive, their own desires, ruin, Can a corrupt, danger, a destructive, disaster, to destroy
havvâh hav-vaw'
1943 KJV: mischief    NAS: disaster    HCS: Disaster, it, disaster
hôvâh ho-vaw'
1944 KJV: Hoham    NAS: Hoham    HCS: Hoham
hôhâm ho-hawm'
1945 KJV: O, Ho, Ah, Alas, woe    NAS: ho there, ho, Ah, woe, alas    HCS: is dead, Ah, Go, Woe, Get up, Come, awful, How absurd, Oh
hôy hoh'ee
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