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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3008 KJV: Igal, Igeal    NAS: Igal    HCS: Igal
yig'âl yig-awl'
3009 KJV: husbandman    NAS: plowmen    HCS: farmers
yâgab yaw-gab'
3010 KJV: field    NAS: fields    HCS: fields
yâgêb yaw-gabe'
3011 KJV: Jogbehah    NAS: Jogbehah    HCS: Jogbehah
yogbehâh yog-beh-haw'
3012 KJV: Igdaliah    NAS: Igdaliah    HCS: of Igdaliah
yigdalyâhû yig-dal-yaw'-hoo
3013 KJV: vex, sorrowful, grieve, cause grief, afflict    NAS: tormentors, inflicted, causes grief, torment, grieve, caused her grief, afflicted    HCS: grieve, suffering, He causes suffering, suffer, those who have been driven, tormentors, made me suffer, will you torment
yâgâh yaw-gaw'
3014 KJV: removed    NAS: removed    HCS: he was removed
yâgâh yaw-gaw'
3015 KJV: grief, sorrow    NAS: sorrow    HCS: grief, sorrow, and sorrow, misery, agony
yâgôn yaw-gohn'
3016 KJV: fear, afraid    NAS: dread    HCS: dread, fear
yâgôr yaw-gore'
3017 KJV: Jagur    NAS: Jagur    HCS: Jagur
yâgûr yaw-goor'
3018 KJV: work, labour    NAS: labor, produce, fruit, product of his labor, toil, wages, possessions, labors, product of their labor, property, products    HCS: earnings, The products, have worked, labor, produce, have labored for, the work, wages, has worked for, hard work, products, property
yegı̂ya‛ yeg-ee'-ah
3019 KJV: weary    NAS: weary    HCS: the weary
yâgı̂ya‛ haw-ghee'-ah
3020 KJV: Jogli    NAS: Jogli    HCS: of Jogli
yoglı̂y yog-lee'
3021 KJV: weary, fainted, labour    NAS: labored, labor, become weary, wearies, toil, weary, worn, tired, toiled, get tired, wearied    HCS: you have labored, we are tired, weary, You have wearied, wear yourself out, have wearied, wearied, labor, You became weary, was tired, you have wearied, wear out, you have become weary, should I labor, grow weary, I have labored, I am worn out, I am weary, have we wearied, will have labored
yâga‛ yaw-gah'
3022 KJV: that which he laboured for    NAS: what he has attained    HCS: the fruit of his labor
yâgâ‛ yaw-gaw'
3023 KJV: full of labour, weary    NAS: wearisome, weary    HCS: weary, were tired, are wearisome
yâgêa‛ yaw-gay'-ah
3024 KJV: weariness    NAS: wearying    HCS: wearies
yegi‛âh yeg-ee-aw'
3025 KJV: fear, afraid    NAS: dread, afraid    HCS: I dread, you dreaded, I would still live in terror, I was afraid, I dreaded
yâgôr yaw-gore'
3026 KJV: Jegarsahadutha    NAS: Jegar-sahadutha    HCS: Jegar-sahadutha
yegar śahădûthâ' yegar' sah-had-oo-thaw'
3027 KJV: places, coast, tenons, them, by, thee, consecrate + (04390), side, him, power, misc, hand    NAS: leadership, debt, guarantor, much as one is able, four-fifths, delivered, himself, power, entrust, possession, defiantly, abandon, consecrated, borders, human agency, bordered, rule, idle, strength, direction, have, much, exhausted, command, bounty, responsible, assuredly, part, banks, axles, charge, reached, sworn, slackness, spacious, left-handed, next, sides, coast, yield, lose courage, paw, order, arms, custody, what he deserves, tenons, addition, hold, pledged, manhood, fist, authority, support, care, close, wrists, means, representative, control, seized, labor, ordination, through, memorial, because, allegiance, reined about, around, boldly, along, armpits, prepared, encourage, beside, swore, jaws, let go, bank, some, creditor, do, discouraged, helpless, herself, handed, occasion, influence, able, rebelled, afford, large, side, directions, times, entrusted, assist, against, done, stays, consecrate, hands, undertakings, discouraging, ordained, signpost, enough, courage, submitted, service, encouraged, ordain, deserved, possess, undertake, place, compulsion, much as he is able, help, alongside, had, yourselves, force, monument, prevailed, parts, hand, become    HCS: from the hands, one hand, the command, you, have taken the lead, threw, power, a signpost, beside, The power, are the hands, braces, along the bank, finger, the boundary, possession, of His hand, lay a hand, a place, the supervision, waves, The hands, ll use force, the care, your, effort, were strengthened, s hands, acts of power, the power, had carried, human hands, my hand, strength, the bank, whose care, from, was strengthened, command, influence, bounty, a man has in his hand, it, Monument, afford, the grasp, axles, should be harmed, charge, side, the morale, his hand, agent, divisions, re doing, Be assured, times, your hands, shares, Himself, riverbank, be assured, grasp, hands, their strength, the hand, the leadership, the one whose hands, on each hand, arms, the hands, the sides, weight, a memorial, someone else, have hands, your hand, ordained, the clutches, the paw, tenons, of the arms, has seized, on their genitals, the banks, by, the charge, grip, put your hand, those, a monument, a hand, I, fist, strengthened, let the hand, authority, The hand, domination, the possession, place, *, care, doing, the coast, the direction, means, wrists, deeds, control, by the hands, labor, His hand, supported, the authority, armrests, their hands, the borders, hand, portion
yâd yawd
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