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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1728 KJV: fisher    NAS: fishermen    HCS: Fishermen
davvâg dav-vawg'
1729 KJV: fishhook + (05518)    NAS: fish
dûgâh doo-gaw'
1730 KJV: love(s), beloved, father's brother, uncle, wellbeloved    NAS: beloved, beloved's and my beloved, uncles', uncle's, lovers, uncle, beloved's, love    HCS: with love, A close relative, another, him, has he, uncle, love, of lovemaking, cousin, *, for love, loves, makes him, of love, the uncle, loved
dôd, dôd dode, dode
1731 KJV: basket, kettle, caldron, pot    NAS: kettles, basket, kettle, pot, baskets    HCS: pot, baskets, kettles, basket, carrying the basket, kettle
dûd dood
1732 KJV: David    NAS: David's, David    HCS:
dâvid, dâvı̂yd daw-veed', daw-veed'
1733 KJV: aunt, father's sister, uncle's wife    NAS: aunt, father's sister, uncle's wife    HCS: aunt, s sister
dôdâh do-daw'
1734 KJV: Dodo    NAS: Dodo    HCS: of Dodo
dôdô do-do'
1735 KJV: Dodavah    NAS: Dodavahu    HCS: of Dodavahu
dôdâvâhû do-daw-vaw'-hoo
1736 KJV: basket, mandrake    NAS: mandrakes    HCS: mandrakes, some mandrakes
dûday doo-dah'-ee
1737 KJV: Dodai    NAS: Dodai    HCS: Dodai
dôday do-dah'ee
1738 KJV: infirmity    NAS: menstruation
dâvâh daw-vaw'
1739 KJV: sickness, menstruous cloth, faint, sick    NAS: woman who is ill, woman who, faint, menstruous, impure thing    HCS: a menstruating, sick, woman, menstrual cloths
dâveh daw-veh'
1740 KJV: wash, cast me out, purge    NAS: purged, rinse, washed me away    HCS: cleansed, was to be washed, out, were rinsed
dûach doo'-akh
1741 KJV: sorrowful, languishing    NAS: sickbed, loathsome    HCS: contaminated, *
devay dev-ah'ee
1742 KJV: faint    NAS: faint    HCS: is sick, am sick
davvây dav-voy'
1743 KJV: beat    NAS: beat    HCS: crushed
dûk dook
1744 KJV: lapwing    NAS: hoopoe    HCS: hoopoe
dûkı̂yphath doo-kee-fath'
1745 KJV: silence    NAS: silence    HCS: into the silence, in the silence
dûmâh doo-maw'
1746 KJV: Dumah    NAS: Dumah    HCS: against Dumah, Dumah
dûmâh doo-maw'
1747 KJV: silence, silent, wait    NAS: rest, silence, silent    HCS: rest, am at rest, is rightfully, and quiet
dûmı̂yâh doo-me-yaw'
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