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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2929 KJV: Talmon    NAS: Talmon    HCS: Talmon, Talmon's
ṭalmôn tal-mone'
2930 KJV: uncleanness, pollute, unclean, defile, utterly    NAS: made unclean, make himself unclean, unclean, defilement, defile, defiling, defiles, remain unclean, became unclean, been defiled, pronounce him unclean, surely pronounce him unclean, becomes unclean, defiled, becoming unclean, become unclean, make yourselves unclean, become defiled, make...unclean, pronounced them unclean, surely pronounce    HCS: to defile, they defiled, you defiled, he had defiled, she had defiled herself, Defile, He may make himself unclean, They defiled themselves, became defiled, he defiled, become unclean, you will defile, He defiled, become defiled, himself, defiles, it will be unclean, they will remain unclean, is defiled, I defiled, defile, had been defiled, it will remain unclean, He will remain unclean, will make you unclean, she will be unclean, he may defile, and have defiled, becoming unclean, you are defiled, will remain unclean, you have defiled, he will remain unclean, in it will become unclean, impurity, unclean, defilement, defiling, She defiled, defiles, It becomes defiled, will become unclean, been defiled, have defiled, defile themselves, will be unclean, Shechem had defiled, he will be unclean, he becomes defiled, has defiled, she has defiled, or you will be defiled, has become defiled, she is defiled, it becomes unclean, of you has defiled, continue to defile, she has been defiled, is unclean, *, she was defiled, he has defiled, one can become defiled, to make himself ceremonially unclean, does it become defiled, becomes unclean, making himself unclean, because they had defiled, they were defiling, defiled, to make himself unclean, will remain ceremonially unclean, or make himself unclean, desecrated
ṭâmê' taw-may'
2931 KJV: defiled, infamous, unclean, pollution, polluted    NAS: unclean woman, who was unclean, unclean, unclean thing, defiled, ill    HCS: made unclean, purification of the unclean, The unclean, of unclean, who is defiled, of an unclean, are unclean, something unclean, the unclean, is defiled, anything unclean, ceremonially unclean, Unclean, impurity, unclean, of the unclean, someone defiled, pagan, something is unclean, and the unclean, is unclean, what is impure, an unclean, impure, you infamous
ṭâmê' taw-may'
2932 KJV: uncleanness, filthiness, unclean    NAS: uncleanness, impurity, unclean, filthiness, unclean thing, impurities, impure    HCS: uncleanness, menstrual impurity, is in a state of uncleanness, menstrual period, and become defiled, the uncleanness, impurity, unclean, unclean things, is unclean, impurities
ṭûm'âh toom-aw'
2933 KJV: defiled, vile    NAS: stupid    HCS: as stupid
ṭâmâh taw-maw'
2934 KJV: lay privily, laid, hide, secret    NAS: discarded, secretly laid, hid, held in reserve, buries, laying...secretly, concealed, hide, hiding, hidden    HCS: grave, is reserved, lies hidden, hide, set, Hide, they have hidden, they have concealed, hid, was the cloak, concealed, hiding, are concealed, I have embedded, is secretly set, he hid, have hidden, buries, I had hidden, treasures, They hid, hidden
ṭâman taw-man'
2935 KJV: basket    NAS: basket    HCS: basket, container
ṭene' teh'-neh
2936 KJV: defile    NAS: dirty    HCS: dirty
ṭânaph taw-naf'
2937 KJV: seduce    NAS: misled    HCS: astray
ṭâ‛âh taw-aw'
2938 KJV: taste, perceive    NAS: indeed tasted, taste, tasted, tastes, senses    HCS: tastes, Taste, taste, She sees, tasted, is to taste, *, I taste, I tasted
ṭâ‛am taw-am'
2939 KJV: feed, make to eat    NAS: given to eat    HCS: will feed on, was fed
ṭe‛am teh-am'
2940 KJV: behaviour, judgement, taste, reason, discretion, understanding, decree, advice    NAS: taste, discreet, decree, flavor, discernment, discretion, sanity    HCS: judgment, taste, tasted, discernment, sensibly, order, flavor, good sense, to be insane, good judgment
ṭa‛am tah'-am
2941 KJV: matter, commandment, accounts, commanded
ṭa‛am tah'-am
2942 KJV: wisdom, regarded, tasted, commanded + (07761), regard + (07761), commandment, chancellor + (01169), decree    NAS: orders, tasted, decree, command, commander, accountable, discernment, report, disregarded, commanded    HCS: the command, the decree, with tact, the order, the decrees, is commanded, an order, report, *, further decree, a decree
ṭe‛êm teh-ame'
2943 KJV: lade    NAS: load    HCS: Load
ṭâ‛an taw-an'
2944 KJV: thrust through    NAS: pierced
ṭâ‛an taw-an'
2945 KJV: children, little ones, families    NAS: children, girls, infants, little ones, little children    HCS: children, young children, little ones, small children, families, dependents, young, their families, infants, little children
ṭaph taf
2946 KJV: swaddle, span    NAS: bore, spread    HCS: I nurtured, spread out
ṭâphach taw-fakh'
2947 KJV: hand breath, coping    NAS: handbreadths, handbreadth, coping    HCS: was three inches
ṭêphach tay'-fakh
2948 KJV: hand broad, hand breadth    NAS: handbreadth    HCS: There were three-inch, a three-inch, coping, short in length, three inches
ṭôphach to'-fakh
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