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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3028 KJV: power, hand    NAS: power, hand, attempts, hands    HCS: efforts, a hand, possession, hand, power, *, the power
yad yad
3029 KJV: give thanks, thank    NAS: giving thanks, give thanks    HCS: offer thanks, gave thanks
yedâ' yed-aw'
3030 KJV: Idalah    NAS: Idalah    HCS: Idalah
yid'ălâh yid-al-aw'
3031 KJV: Idbash    NAS: Idbash    HCS: Idbash
yidbâsh yid-bawsh'
3032 KJV: cast    NAS: cast    HCS: cast, They cast
yâdad yaw-dad'
3033 KJV: dearly beloved    NAS: beloved    HCS: the love
yedidûth yed-ee-dooth'
3034 KJV: cast, give thanks, thankful, thanksgiving, confess, praise, make confession, cast out, shoot, thank    NAS: give you thanks, throw down, give thanks, confessed, giving praise, thanksgiving, confessing, hymns of thanksgiving, placed, making confession, confesses, confess, praise, shoot, gave praise, giving thanks, gave, thank, glorify    HCS: cut off, Praise, praised, we may give thanks, thanks, confessing, thanksgiving, threw, can thank, to praise, they will confess, I will give thanks, and thanks, he is to confess, Let them give thanks, I can praise, we give thanks, confess, praise, Shoot, will thank, thank, will confess, I confess, I will praise, give thanks, confessed, will praise, Give thanks, The person is to confess, the thanksgiving, and give thanks, whoever confesses, I will confess, people praise, in confession, I praise, giving thanks, Let them praise, time that thanks be given, we will praise, I will thank, We give thanks
yâdâh yaw-daw'
3035 KJV: Jadau, Iddo    NAS: Jaddai, Iddo    HCS: Jaddai, Iddo
yiddô yid-do'
3036 KJV: Jadon    NAS: Jadon    HCS: Jadon
yâdôn yaw-done'
3037 KJV: Jaddua    NAS: Jaddua    HCS: Jaddua
yaddûa‛ yad-doo'-ah
3038 KJV: Jeduthun    NAS: Jeduthun    HCS: Jeduthun, of Jeduthun, *, Jeduthun's, and Jeduthun
yedûthûn, yedûthûn, yedı̂ythûn (1,2) yed-oo-thoon', (3) yed-ee-thoon'
3039 KJV: beloved, loves, amiable, wellbeloved    NAS: beloved, lovely, well-beloved    HCS: love, A love, beloved, lovely, loves
yedı̂yd yed-eed'
3040 KJV: Jedidah    NAS: Jedidah    HCS: was Jedidah
yedı̂ydâh yed-ee-daw'
3041 KJV: Jedidiah    NAS: Jedidiah    HCS: Jedidiah
yedı̂ydeyâh yed-ee-deh-yaw'
3042 KJV: Jedaiah    NAS: Jedaiah    HCS: Jedaiah, of Jedaiah
yedâyâh yed-aw-yaw'
3043 KJV: Jediael    NAS: Jediael    HCS: Jediael's, of Jediael, Jediael
yedı̂y‛ă'êl yed-ee-ah-ale'
3044 KJV: Jidlaph    NAS: Jidlaph    HCS: Jidlaph
yidlâph yid-lawf'
3046 KJV: know, certify, known, teach    NAS: know, making the known, understand, recognize, informed, make known, made known, recognized, known, knows, teach, knew, make its known, inform, ignorant, make the known, learn    HCS: He knows, know, will know, understand, learned, to know, soon as you acknowledge, give, known, told, you acknowledge, he acknowledged, that you may understand, who know, tell, to teach, I will know, advise, might be made known, who have understanding, verify, Be advised, explained, information, inform, you knew, has told
yeda‛ yed-ah'
3047 KJV: Jada    NAS: Jada    HCS: Jada, of Jada
yâdâ‛ yaw-daw'
3048 KJV: Jedaiah    NAS: Jedaiah    HCS: Jedaiah, Jedaiah's
yeda‛yâh yed-ah-yaw'
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