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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2949 KJV: span    NAS: who were born healthy, born healthy    HCS: they have nurtured
ṭippûch tip-pookh'
2950 KJV: sew up, forger, forge    NAS: forged, wrap, smear    HCS: coat, You would cover, have smeared
ṭâphal taw-fal'
2951 KJV: captain    NAS: marshals, marshal    HCS: a marshal, scribes
ṭiphsar tif-sar'
2952 KJV: mincing    NAS: mincing steps    HCS: prancing steps
ṭâphaph taw-faf'
2953 KJV: nail    NAS: claws, nails    HCS: claws, nails
ṭephar tef-ar'
2954 KJV: fat    NAS: covered    HCS: are hard and insensitive
ṭâphash taw-fash'
2955 KJV: Taphath    NAS: Taphath    HCS: Taphath
ṭâphath taw-fath'
2956 KJV: continual    NAS: constant    HCS: An endless, is an endless
ṭârad taw-rad'
2957 KJV: drive    NAS: driven away    HCS: will be driven away, He was driven away
ṭerad ter-ad'
2958 KJV: before
ṭerôm ter-ome'
2959 KJV: wearieth    NAS: loads    HCS: He saturates
ṭârach taw-rakh'
2960 KJV: cumbrance, trouble    NAS: burden, load    HCS: a burden, troubles
ṭôrach to'-rakh
2961 KJV: putrifying, new    NAS: fresh, raw    HCS: a fresh, festering
ṭârı̂y taw-ree'
2962 KJV: ere, not yet, neither, before    NAS: nor, yet, prior, no, before    HCS: had not yet, yet, *, you still do not, Before, before
ṭerem teh'-rem
2963 KJV: ravening, feed, ravin, torn, not translated, doubt, surely, tear, rent in pieces, prey, catch, tear in pieces    NAS: ravening, torn in pieces, feed, tearing, torn, tears, tore, surely been torn to pieces, torn to pieces, tear, ravenous    HCS: tears off, mauled, mauling, tearing, *, will be torn to pieces, have been torn to pieces, it was actually torn apart, I will tear you apart, he tears, tear, You who tear, will tear them to pieces, has been torn to pieces, feed, tears, tore, has torn, will tear
ṭâraph taw-raf'
2964 KJV: leaves, meat, prey, spoil    NAS: leaves, torn, food, prey    HCS: with the kill, its prey, be ripped apart, their prey, the prey, the kill, food, of prey, prey
ṭereph teh'-ref
2965 KJV: plucked off    NAS: freshly picked    HCS: fresh, was a plucked
ṭârâph taw-rawf'
2966 KJV: ravin, torn    NAS: what has been torn, torn flesh, torn, animal torn, torn to pieces, torn by beasts    HCS: with mauled prey, any of the flock torn by wild beasts, was mauled by wild beasts, is mauled by wild beasts, of a mauled animal, torn carcass
ṭerêphâh ter-ay-faw'
2967 KJV: Tarpelites    NAS: officials    HCS: from Tripolis
ṭarpelay tar-pel-ah'ee
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