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Rules for crisis management:

1. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

2. Look first, then act.

3. When you do act, act aggressively.

4. Seek help.

5. Don’t get locked on a detail.

6. No matter how bad things get, be truthful.

7. Look for the silver lining.

Rules for Getting Rich

John D. Rockefeller’s three simple rules for anyone who wants to become rich:

1. Go to work early.

2. Stay at work late.

3. Find oil.

Rulitzer Prize Winner

American poet and Pulitzer Prize-winner Edwin Arlington Robinson used to spend his summers at the MacDowell Colony near Peterborough, New Hampshire. Arriving at breakfast one morning, he found the writer Nancy Byrd Turner and a new member of the colony already seated at his table. “This is Mr. Robinson,” said Turner to her companion.

“Robinson! Not E. A. Robinson—not the Mr.…


If somebody says, “I hope you won’t mind me telling you this,” it’s pretty certain you will. One of the best ways to end a rumor is to ask if you may quote the individual passing it along. If the person says no, it’s possible that the rumor is just idle talk. If the person answers yes, you should contact the gossip’s subject to verify the story you heard. Also, if you…

Runaway Daughter

Longing to leave her poor Brazilian neighborhood, Christina wanted to see the world. Discontent with a home having only a pallet on the floor, a washbasin, and a wood-burning stove, she dreamed of a better life in the city. One morning she slipped away, breaking her mother’s heart. Knowing what life on the streets would be like for her young, attractive daughter, Maria hurriedly packed to go…


For fifteen years Jim Fixx, author of the 1978 bestseller, The Complete Book of Running, ran eighty miles a week. He appeared to be in tip-top shape. It didn’t seem possible that a man his age could be in better condition. Yet at age fifty-two Fixx died of a massive heart attack while running alone on a Vermont road. His wife,

Alice, later said she was certain that Fixx had no idea he suffered…

Running from Sin

The story is told of a young girl who accepted Christ as her Savior and applied for membership in a local church. “Were you a sinner before you received the Lord Jesus into your Life?” inquired an old deacon. “Yes, sir,” she replied. “Well, are you still a sinner?” “To tell you the truth, I feel I’m a greater sinner than ever.” “Then what real change…

Running from, Not After Sin

A little girl, in the days when the conversion of children was not the subject of as much prayer as now, applied for membership in a Baptist church. "Were you a sinner," asked an old deacon, "before this change of which you now speak?" "Yes, sir," she replied. "Well, are you now a sinner?" "Yes, sir, I feel I am a greater sinner than ever." "Then what change is there in you?" "I don't quite know how…

Running Shoes

Percentage of American’s who own running shoes but don’t run: 87%

Russian Novelist

Clifton Fadiman, in The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes, tells a story about Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian-born novelist who achieved popular success with his novels Lolita (1955), Pale Fire (1962) and Ada (1969).

One summer in the 1940s, Nabokov and his family stayed with James Laughlin at Alta, Utah, where Nabokov took the opportunity to enlarge his collection of butterflies and moths. Fadiman…

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