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1,000 Years of Peace

After God has dusted and cleaned up the earth and the heavens so that life can continue upon the face of the earth, those who made it through the final 45 days of clean-up are the Believers who made it through the Great Tribulation, both Gentiles and Jews. . Jesus speaks of it in The old testament saints and the saints of the Tribulation are the friends of the groom (. We can see a picture of it in the parable Jesus spoke in Make no mistake, as all through the Bible, salvation will come by faith in Jesus and what He did on the cross, and being raised from the dead.

Gloriously, ll prevail. However, we know from Zechariah 14:16-19 that for those who do not come to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles, there will be no rain. Also, if Egypt does not go, God will send disease to it and to all the nations who do not go up to observe the feast of tents. Thus some elements of the curse will remain, but sent by God. The judgment will come because of disobedience, just as it did with Adam in the Garden.

For the Believers, the Obedient life will be very, very good. For the unbelievers and the disobedient, life will be hard.

18 Things To Do Before Your Child Turns 18

We've seen the top 10 lists and the 101 ways to (whatever). This list is a bit different. Some of the ideas flow from wonderful memories I have with family members, a few are things that never quite got finished and some are wishful thinking. Don't worry, even if your 'child' is over 18, you can still do any or all of these things and have a blast!

The whole point of these memory-makers is that you do them together - that means with your child. Do not send them off on an adventure while you stay home to clean the house. (It's tempting, though, I know!)

1. Visit a President's home. (Of the United States, that is.)

2. Take a family portrait. (Yes, some of us put this off hoping to reach optimum weight and hair color and never get around to it.)

3. Complete the baby book. (It struck a nerve with me too.)

4. Raise a pet. (Your child gets to choose, even if it's a python.)

5. Plan a dinner party. (Complete with formal table settings, flowers and everyone dressing up.)

6. Memorize a bible verse. (Jesus wept does not count.)

7. Attend a concert by your child's favorite band. (Don't let your child see you put in the earplugs.)

8. Sing around a campfire. (The songs can be corny, it's a campfire.)

9. Pick apples. (From a tree, not a bin in the grocery store.)

10. Research the family tree. (You don't have to go back too far, but share an interesting story from your grandparents.)

11. Pray at bedtime. (This might even turn into a habit.)

12. Watch a sunrise. (It can be out the window as you snuggle in bed if you prefer not to drive up a mountain at 4 a.m. in 40-degree weather.)

13. Plant a tree. (Preferably on property you own.)

14. Build a sand castle. (Backyard or beach - it doesn't matter.)

15. Volunteer for a charity. (You might be surprised at how hard your child can work.)

16. Paint a room. (Choose the color together.)

17. Attend a concert by your favorite band. (Never mind what your child thinks of 80s music!)

18. Go canoeing. (If you're both inexperienced take plenty of life vests and plenty of pictures.)