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My Best Friend God

Parenting experts tell us that we shouldn't be friends with our kids. We can't be the authority figure and the loving disciplinarian as well as someone they pal around with as they would their peers.

I have to agree with that, for the most part. Friendship, perhaps, can come later when they have grown up and even become parents themselves.

But there's an exception to this rule. God.

My Christmas Wish

It's just one day away. Tomorrow is Christmas. Hopefully tomorrow my family will be together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus called the Christ. My son is to leave from Wisconsin today after supposedly being ready to leave on Wednesday. The snow storm in Indiana has kept him from coming thus far. Join me in praying that he, and others, make safe journeys to their homes for…

My Church?!?

Not long ago I received an email that had a curious comment in it. Along with a prayer request was the reference by the sender to 'her church.' Now, before you think that I am going to go through that whole rigamarole of, 'it's not our church it's Christ's church, He died for it,' relax. I'm not. That whole reaction is something that I feel is totally unnecessary in most instances. Christ wants…

My Dad

When I was six years old I noticed that there were other people who must have been a whole lot older than be just because they were all bigger. My parents kept telling me that I would grow bigger the older I got. Mom told me one time that I asked her, "Is Dad really old? He's so big." Dad was, to a six year old, huge. Now, he wouldn't have been very big at all.

Dad was, in his prime, almost…

My First

My very first car was one that I had taken a number of rides in during my teen years. It was a 1956 Chevrolet BelAir two door hardtop with a 265 cc. V-8 and black rolled and tucked interior. I bought it from my grandfather for the princely sum of in the summer of 1970. I put a lot of miles on that car in a short period of time. It was the car I took with me to Kentucky Christian College which…

My Reference Point vs His: The Difference Between Flying or Splat!

On any given day I can decide to look at the world and at myself from the vantage point of my past, how I grew up, how others view me. I can be negative and discontent about different aspects of my life. Today it could be my job, tomorrow a relationship. In contrast I can decide to view the world and myself in light of God's love for me. When I chose to see and accept God's love not just as a grandiose…

My Roots Are Showing!

I used to think that in order to feel uprooted I had to in fact physically leave one place and move to another. I am learning, however, I can be uprooted and completely turned on my head without moving at all.

I recently read about the transplanting of plants. I know this is quite random but bare with me. Plants are often re-potted multiple times and yet transplanting them does not hurt…

My Son

It's late morning for me to be doing this. Usually I am up around 4:30 A.M. EST and at the computer around 4:50 preparing to submit this column. Right now it is almost 7:30 A.M. I am late doing this and I apologize. However, I do have a valid reason. My son has come home.

My oldest son, John, is in the youth ministry in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He drove down yesterday, having left after a meeting…

My Strength is in God

"Blessed is the man whose strength is in God." instead of in front of the ball where the pros do. Simple golf physics. Hit down and through with an iron to make the ball fly high. The divot is in the follow through after striking the ball. But this is all impossible if you don't believe it and don't know it. And your golf game will reflect it.

The people who struggle with golf are a…

Mysterious Ways

Dear readers: I posted this column about a year ago, but it seemed appropriate for this week. I have been struggling with what direction to take in several areas of my life and having trouble being still enough to hear what God has to say on the matter. I hope this will bless some of you as well.

My kids think some of my ways are pretty mysterious. My five-year-old can't figure out how I know…

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