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A Good Read

I love a good read!

News articles, magazine features, romance or historical novels, biographies, self-improvement, humor, history -- I will read almost anything if it is well crafted and holds my interest.

I read many different genres, viewpoints and styles. When I love something, I want to read it again, although not without some time to savor the delicious taste it left me with. When…

A Good Thing

"Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day. Little Susie wants to play." Or Johnny, or Billy or Cathy. Or the Northeast. States that don't normally get pounded by rain have been heavily hit in recent days. Massachusetts has been deluged. The images are those that one does not normally see coming out of that grand old state. I can remember the long ago phrase, "Banned in Boston." I would…

A good walk spoiled!

In twenty-seven years of playing golf I have seen people who absolutely did not belong on a golf course. How do I know that? I had to follow them for the day. Someone once said that, "Golf is a good walk spoiled." Well, following people who have enough money to buy golf clubs and pay greens fees but know nothing of the game must be at the very heart of that statement.

That is the problem…

A Hard Fall

Recently my wife and I went to St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky to visit a friend of ours who had surgery to repair three massive blockages and a bad aortic valve. Only problem is we never got to the hospital itself. After finding a parking place a couple of tiers back from the front entrance we started making our way to the entrance walking over a mounded landscaped area which was covered…

A Kid in the Kingdom

As I was sitting on the floor last night watching my little one year old granddaughter examining the lights on the Christmas tree I couldn't help but be amazed at the world of wonder that is hers and her brother now. They've been through the struggling infant "feed me, change me, hold me" routine. Now they are beginning to awaken to the many things that surround them in their world. Instead of…

A Life Worth Noticing

Ever wonder where you fit in in the grand scheme of things? Whether or not your life means anything to anyone else? We have a marvelous lady in our congregation at the Minorsville Christian Church. She is the mother of one of our Senior Saints. And she has been wondering where she fits in. She asked that very question the other day. "Why am I still here, preacher?" She is 96.

I looked…

A little advice for young women

Don't do as I did.

So much of the time we think once we're saved...well, then, life is a bowl of cherries and there are no pits. Well, that's just wrong.

God took my hand when I was six years old. I was practically born at church. Every time the doors were open, we were in church. One day I had had enough of church. Going to church made me feel raunchy and I just didn't want it anymore.…

A Living and Holy Sacrifice

In . It is His blood which can set us free, and nothing else, because only He was the unblemished and spotless Lamb of God.

But the imagery of unblemished sacrifices doesn't end here. Jesus refers to those who believe in Him as His sheep (, and Paul says in , and Jesus says that we must take up our cross daily (. Each day, we must offer ourselves to God spiritually, reckoning ourselves dead…

A living dog is better than a dead lion

Well that is certainly true. Did you know it's in the bible? Solomon writes that as a proof of hope for the living in the ninth chapter of Ecclesiastes. Actually, he says, For one who is chosen to be among all the living, there is hope. For a living dog is better than a dead lion. While there is breath, there is hope. Even in hopeless situations, there is hope that the situation changes for the…

A Lovable Villain

It is easy for me to extend grace to those who are not close to me. However, if you hurt someone I care about, oh I will wish God's wrath upon you quicker than you can sneeze! If you look like a villain to me, I quickly run out of grace. The more I have been understanding God's love the more I have been able to understand and implement grace in my heart as well as in my actions. However much we…

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