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Picture Yourself

I love taking pictures!

Let me clarify that. I love being the one who takes the pictures of other people or things. The anonymous person behind the lens. Leave me out of the photo, thank you very much!

I just saw all the pictures my brother took on our family vacation. I'm in some of them. I didn't like what I saw.

Even though I saw all my pictures the week after we returned home,…

Pillars of Spiritual Growth

The only way to know if we are growing spiritually is to know what spiritual maturity looks like. Paul said that we are to imitate him as he imitates Christ (. In other words, Christ is the perfect expression of what it means to grow to maturity in the Lord. We will never be perfect in this life as He was when He walked the earth, but to set our standards any lower is to guarantee that we will…

Pimp My Tent

There is a show in the U.S. called 'Pimp My Ride.' The show is about people who get a car makeover. Basically, their old, run down car gets completely redone inside and out, everything from a new engine to a pool in the trunk. Since the show started there have even been rumored spin off shows such as 'Pimp My Cubical.' Why do I bring this random show up since I am in a foreign country with…

Play Dead

One North American mammal that has always fascinated me is the opossum. It is the answer to the age old question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" To show the opossum that it could be done. When you see an opossum lying on a road surface you can reasonably be sure it is dead in spite of the popular story that opossum's "play dead" when they are frightened. That just isn't the case for one…

Play with the Pros

Recently my nephew, Scott Snyder, got to play in a national pro-am golf tournament. He won a spot to compete on behalf of his company in the Phoenix Open Pro-Am. A pro-am is an event in which four amateur golfers are teamed with a golfer from the professional ranks in a team event for the right to play over the weekend and win some really neat prizes. Scott is a reasonably proficient golfer and…

Playing to Win

They lost. Yep. No doubt about it. They lost. They could have won it, but they lost. They squandered too many opportunities through penalties, poor play or indecision. And they lost. Yeah, I know. It's been three days and you were wondering when I was going to say something about the Super Bowl. I just said it. They lost. There I said it again. Ah, but the other team won. Nah. The other…

Poison Judgment

Yesterday my son, Sean, and I did not make it all the way to Franklin, Kentucky, for a round of golf. But we did make it to Danville and played a round at the golf course in the Old Bridge subdivision. From a vantage point high on one of the tees on the course you can see the old steel bridge, one of the first of its kind, that lends its condition to the name of the subdivision and the golf course.…

Poor and didn't know it

I do lament today's throw-away society. So often we acquire a "pretty" and then something happens to mar the pretty and we throw it away. My dad never threw anything away. His shop out back was filled to the brim and the overflow surrounded it like undulating waves hitting the sides of a swimming pool. My dad, could fix just about anything which is why he kept everything.

He saw potential everywhere…


When I was a child playing Little League Baseball I can remember our coach at the end of each practice. He would take a ball and throw it as high and straight up in the air as he could for each one of us to catch. He was helping us to practice catching pop-ups. The pop-up is one of the trickiest plays to make in baseball. And now, thanks to the world wide web, it has become one of the trickiest…

Popcorn Joy
My kids love popcorn. (So do I, but I try to distance myself from the food illustrations - I'm afraid the calories will rub off!)

Popcorn is a happy food - that thumping sound it makes as it strains against the bag in the microwave or the pinging sound as it high-jumps into the lid of the pan on the stove are distinctive and everyone knows immediately what will follow. If the sound…

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