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Popcorn Joy (did not post yet - redated)

My kids love popcorn. (So do I, but I try to distance myself from the food illustrations - I'm afraid the calories will rub off!)

Popcorn is a happy food - that thumping sound it makes as it strains against the bag in the microwave or the pinging sound as it high-jumps into the lid of the pan on the stove are distinctive and everyone knows immediately what will follow.…

Popped Corks

Ever see a bottle of champaign opened? The cork in a bottle of wine is inserted before the fermentation process is completed. As a result, great pressure builds inside the bottle from the fermentation. The cork, when given a little nudge, pops off the bottle. Sometimes it gets fired across a room, sometimes it just pops up a tad.

Fermentation is the introduction of a living organism to a…

Postmodernism Versus Absolute Truth

There is much debate about the nature of truth. Postmodern philosophers tell us that truth is relative and subjective. In fact, they openly admit that truth is something that the elite establishes. In other words, what is true is whatever celebrities, politicians, Ph.D's and CEO's, for example, say is true. To go against them, they argue, would be wrong. Yet do they have a write to say that somebody…

Power and Light

Our church celebrated its annual "All-Church Birthday Party" last evening. There were twelve tables, each labeled for one of the months of the year, with a cake and decorations according to a theme for the month. Our people sat at the table of their birth month and ate cake and visited. It was a wonderful time of fellowship made all the sweeter for me by the appearance of one of the young men…

Practical Applications

Practical Applications

The epitome of practical application of Spiritual Gifts is Jesus. He had them all in equal measure and applied them perfectly. We only need to read one of the Gospels to find Jesus illustrating them all. Since we are not Jesus, and since God promised us a prominence in one gift for the edification of the church body as well as for our own motivations, we have a huge…

Practical Helps For Personal Prayer

1. Isolate

It is probably best to set a regular time for prayer each day, preferably before the daily grind. Yet this is not a Biblical requirement, and it should not become legalistic. We already saw how Jesus prayed at all different hours of the day, depending upon the circumstances. David also prayed at nearly every time throughout the day. The important thing…

Practically Getting Over Yourself

When I want recognition at work from my team, or when I simply feel dissatisfied for no identifiable reason at all, I have to pause and ask myself who's interest am I really considering - mine or others?

Philippians 2:3-4 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit […] look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others…

It is a lot easier…


In "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" (movie version, not the book) when the wizard Gandalf arrives in the Shire, he is greeted by his friend Frodo Baggins, who simply says, "You're late."

Gandalf looks at him with a bit of a scowl and says, "Wizards are neither late, nor are they early -- they arrive precisely when they mean to!"

It reminds me of Christ's arrival. The…

Prerequisites for Answered Prayer

There are a lot of discouraged pray-ers out there. I know, for I have been there too. So that we are not defeated before we even start, we would do well to take note of these five elements that the Bible says are essential to having God both hear and answer our prayers. If we do these things we can be sure that our prayers will be answered. That is not to say that we can use these principles as…

Pressing through the storm

Thunder crashing, rain pounding, water rising... those are things people pay attention to. If we don't something might happen, something beyond our control, but nevertheless, something bad might happen. Why is that? Why do we fear the things beyond our control?

We have a mighty Creator who stirs up the sea and makes its waves roar ( He has covered us with His hand. He is our LORD and He is…

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