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A 'Conscience' Choice

At work I am often put in situations where the expectation is for me to lie. No one ever says point blank, "Kasia lie." But I can get directions to, "Just say …" When I was put in yet another one of these politically sticky situations I really had to fight to tell the truth and not be deceptive, or coy, or even play on words to give a sense of falsehood. It is possible to be honest and tell…

A 'Great-Full' Perspective

In order for me to truly be grateful for something I have always needed to earn it or lose it and gain in back in some form. As a result I believe that for most people to truly appreciate something they must at some point feel its absents. Whether it is family and people or electricity and running water. During the Holidays I heard a lot of complaining about what a pain it is to shop for gifts,…

A Bad Day's Blessing

Ever have a bad day? Golfers occasionally have bad days. Let me describe a bad day for a golfer. Better yet, let me share some bad days with you for some pretty well known golfers and some you may never have heard about. Like Alvin Liau of Singapore. Liau was playing in the then prestigious World Cup tournament in 1971 at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The 13th hole was very unlucky…

A Bible and Mr. Bubble!
The other day I found myself in another conversation about childbirth. As moms we love to compare and scare with our horror stories of labor and delivery. (And ours is always the most horrible!) Don't we love to ask that first-time mom, "How long was your labor?", knowing that no matter what her answer is, we have a story to top it?

The truth is that for most moms the labor is 18 years and…

A Biblical Grid for Preaching

Preaching has come to take on so many various forms that it is confusing to know what makes good preaching anymore. Is it that a person is entertaining, easy to listen to, can quote from various human authors, has great multimedia integration, or what? The only way to know what defines God-honoring preaching is to look at the Scripture. Here are 20 elements from the Scripture as to what defines…

A Biblical Perspective of Debt

Debt has been an increasingly relevant issue on the world stage, particularly in this country. With foreclosures rising out of control and major banks nearly shutting down, there is a great need to heed the Biblical commands surrounding debt. Now it is not straightforward from the Scripture to automatically conclude that all debt is bad. Debt was a normal part of life and business in the Old…

A Bunch of Smelly Guys

This time of year many of us hear the Christmas story over and over, and often the highlights are the shepherds and the wise men. Now, I would not argue that most people would be more impressed with the wise men. They were important and wealthy, perhaps even famous in their homeland. They dedicated themselves to finding the Christ child, being familiar with prophecies that he would be born. They…

A Christian Response to Homosexuality

God created humans male and female, not male and male or female and female. Thus, homosexuality is a perversion of the divine order.

. God describes the woman as a suitable helper for man (. God did not create two men, the second to be the companion for the first. Rather, He created a female from the man and for the man.

The natural way is for a man to lie with a female in the context…

A Community Rich with Old Fashioned Appeal

I remember when I was just a kid that a friend of mine saved his box tops and a couple of bucks to send away for a radio controlled car that was advertised on the back of a cereal box. He had shown me the ad and, I must admit, I recall that I was impressed and more than just a little jealous. The car looked like it was huge. One thing that we did notice on the ad was the fine print that said that…

A Crisis of Belief

Perhaps you know of people who have suffered so greatly or been brainwashed to such an extent that they do not even know for sure what to believe anymore. They might even question their salvation or even God's existence, let alone the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ. They might have been so turned off by hypocrisy in their family, their church, or by their friends. They might have compromised…

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