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Fact not Legend

Urban legends. Most areas have their own. However, some have spread over the years to receive a popular mention in a lot of different areas and media. They range from rumor to seemingly well supported fact. Some have even become so famous that, even though they have been debunked, they get dusted off and dressed up and paraded around anew. And people get sucked in again. I'll share one with…


We all know what Faith is. It is the certain knowledge of the things hoped for, evidence of the things not seen...


The light gradually grew brighter. I tossed the light covering aside and slipped on my robe. The cold stone felt refreshing to my feet only for a short while then the cold crept up my legs into my bones. Oh, it wasn't the cold stones. It…

Faith In Action

I read a quote from Gandhi once that said, "It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important." He added that it may not be in our lifetime that any fruit will come from our actions.

This is hard for me because I am goal-oriented and even more results-oriented. It's even harder to accept in the Christian life, as I want to see people come to Christ and grow in spirit and wisdom.…

Falling Down

'London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down . . .' - we all know this children's song.

Could that fall have been prevented? Perhaps. Could the bridge be put back up? No. It had to be rebuilt. This probably elicited many moans and cries from the people as the King or Queen of the day (yes, it was rebuild several times) taxed the people to pay for it. The original London Bridge…

Families Ties

Wouldn't it be nice to be related to someone famous? According to all the family legends and the way back ties, my family in Ireland were direct descendants of King Miletious of the Celts. Of course, they ate the people they conquered and were basically known as being well down the evolutionary ladder. However, my grandfather did tell me, on several occasions, that the famous clown, Emmet Kelly,…

Family Drama- You Know You Have Some.

I used to think that my family was exceptional, as in exceptionally dysfunctional. I would look at some of my friend's families and think, "Wow they are like the perfect family, and they don't seem to have any issues at all." Eventually I learned that weather overtly or covertly, all families have issues. No family is perfect because they are all composed of imperfect people. Out of all the people…

Favorite Gift of All

I don't know about you but if I reflect on my favorite Christmas gift ever it's not what I expected. I sifted back through memories and brushed aside cobwebs searching for the most expensive or spectacular gift I'd ever received. I tried to remember a year when I had wanted something so much I would just die if I didn't get it. I came up empty. But tucked away quietly in one of those memory pockets…


I remember a lot of my years playing Little League baseball in my home town. I remember the kids and even some of the coaches. I remember Don Morrow telling us to count the hops on ground balls. Not so we could actually know how many times the ball hopped, but so we would be concentrating on the ball enough to field it without missing it.

I remember one particular practice where Mr. Morrow…

Fear and Love Can Not Live In The Same House.

'Sometimes the fear of loss and of pain makes us avoid risks by staying away from love, by not giving of ourselves, by living in a defensive way.'[1]

I believe that fear is really a byproduct of a deep mistrust in the heart of God toward me. This applies to not only relational fears, but any decisions in my life. As I have been reading John and Staci Eldredge's, Captivating, the book has…


There is a time to rely on feelings and a time to ignore them. Someone said, I know there are times when I'm not saved because I don't feel saved. Pooh! John wrote the believers so that we could be assured of our salvation. There are several things that give us that assurance. ing or not believing does not make it so or not so. God did it. That settles it. This is how we know beyond any doubt,…

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