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A Haboub for those who aren't familiar with the term, or the Sudan for that matter, is a fear inspiring term that means one thing: SAND STORM. Now in my time here I have seen light versions of dust in the air that look like a thick fog and taste, well, like sand. But they were nothing like what I experienced the other day. There is nothing like a good, old fashion natural phenomena to reveal God's…

Happy New Outlook!

After a hard year filled with significant work and relationship challenges all I really looked forward to was a new year that would be different. So my first prayer of the year was for a year filled with some happy and easy things, some rewards right here on earth and some earthly comforts. How ironic that as soon as I finished praying those words I was led to passages of scripture that addressed…


My good friends, I hope that your day is one in which you can relax with the knowledge that God has blessed you immeasurably. Take comfort in the safety of your family, consolation in what health you possess and encouragement in the fact that you are able to care for yourself and those around you.

Most of all exalt the God who gave His only Son to die for you in a war fought in your heart. …


Don't you just love that movie, The Pursuit of Happiness? The main character, played by Will Smith, gets bugged by how happiness is spelled on the side of a wall. He just says it once, "Happiness is spelled with an I, not a Y," as he and his son go into the daycare. His point is that ignorance is why someone spelled I it with a Y.

My point is that it is spelled with an I because…

Hard Work

I remember warm summer weekends with my father back in Jeffersonville, Ohio. He would have a project and I would be his co-worker. We would start early in the morning, right after breakfast, and work until lunchtime or beyond if needed. Dad always wanted to get something done rather than leave it for even the briefest of pauses.

He and I have built sidewalks, workshops, picnic tables and cabinets.…

Have Some 'Mom Time'

Last fall I was helping with a Cub Scout campout and my five-year-old went along with me. We stayed at the camp site to help with the Scouts until my husband could get there after work.

In the meantime, my son was running around with the big kids, pretending to be one of them and trying out the tent where Dad would sleep. As it got later and we sat by the campfire, he snuggled on my lap and…

Having a Blind Moment

I have had these random moments where I have been looking for something after being told where to find the given item. In these moments the harder I looked in the instructed location, the more frustrated I got when I could not find it. In these moments the person who told me where to look tends to come over and, with impeccable ease, pick out the sought item, adding salt to the wound by saying…

He Came to Bring a Sword

There is a prevailing misconception of the purpose of the first coming of Christ. This misunderstanding and spurious view of Jesus can lead to developing a wrong view of the Father, a view which ignores or negates the justice and holiness of God. It is easy to only view Jesus as simply a tender, loving, gracious, forgiving, and gentle figure. He is all of those things, but He is not just full of…

He Made It

Back in the mid 60's there were a number of us in my home town of Jeffersonville, Ohio, who were devoted to sports in general and baseball in particular. During the late Spring, through the Summer and on into the warmer days of Fall, we played baseball. But the public diamonds in town were so heavily scheduled that we could not play on them. Kenny Houseman, a farmer/businessman in the town, gave…

He Walked With God

The story is told of a backwoods preacher who was preparing to preach a series of sermons on the Holy Spirit. He was a flamboyant sort and known in the area for some rather ostentatious displays in the pulpit. That's a fancy way of saying he had a lot of stomp and snort. If you don't know what stomp and snort is then I guess you'll just have to stay with flamboyant and ostentatious.

The first…

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the Week of Proper 4 / Ordinary 9
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