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Obedience Proves Our Love for God

Christianity is becoming really ethereal, touchy-feely, and abstract. For too many professing Christians, it seems that their relationship with God is dictated by how they feel towards God at the time or how they think God feels about them at the time. Closeness to God, according to this way of thinking and believing, is both subjective rather than objective and an experience rather than a reality.…

Odd Background for a Savior

There are a lot of "odd but true" facts that float around. I guess they fit the category of things that make you go, "Huh?" They are those facts that follow the famous and the infamous that just don't seem to be real. They are as varied as can be but some have a common thread that tie them together. In the realm of happenstance they are the nuggets in the bottom of the pan after all the water…

Of elbows and faith

Mike Synder has an excellent post at . Some singles could care less about mommy things. Some young adults cannot relate to senior adult problems.

It is a matter of common interests.


God did not design us to all be Football Maniacs or Ballet Enthusiasts or Bloggers (no, really, it's true.)

Someone on a blog I visited (I truly wish I had bookmarked the blogs I've visited because…

Old School Fishing in a Modern Lake

I play a sport that a lot of people give up due to the frustration of playing it. That would be golf; a sport that has been known to leave strong men muttering to themselves under their breath and women talking like men. However, the sport that leaves me the most frustrated is the one that I stopped "enjoying" when I decided to take up golf. That would be fishing; of the "jerk on one end waiting…

On Being the First

With only three weeks left in the season the National Football League is moving closer to Super Bowl Forty. A that time they will crown the champion football team of the NFL. The NFL Champion. There's an odd quirk that goes with not just professional football but collegiate football as well. And it all centers around two states; Wisconsin and Ohio. The quirk deals with the first teams to do…

On Our Father's Knee

I have been trying to put this whole grandparent thing in perspective. Right now my wife and I are moving into our late fifties. Our grandchildren are soon to be two years old. I am struggling to remember how my parents enjoyed (or was that endured) the visits of our children. My dad was born in 1921 and my mom in 1923. So when my parents were the same ages my wife and I are now would have been…

On to the Superbowl

I am a football junkie. That's American football for those of you who are purists and know soccer by its worldwide appellation. I have followed football, more precisely, professional football, since I was barely seven years old. That means that when the 2004 season begins I will begin my forty-eighth season watching the sport. Sundays have been my hallowed days during that time period both for…

One Big Bug

I have always found nature fascinating, even frightening at times. Lightening and thunder storms have been able to keep me riveted for their duration. I have sat and stared at tornadoes in the distance from the front porch of my ancestral home in Ohio. But what has kept my attention more than anything else are the critters that populate nature. Not the big ones that big game hunters bag for wall…

One Fruit at a Time

Have you ever heard the 'Fruit of the Spirit' song? Until I learned that song a few years ago I had trouble remembering all the fruits, especially in the correct order.

Recently, I started to wonder if they were 'in order.' I mean, did God inspire them to be listed this way because this is the order in which we should or are better able to cultivate them? Hmm . . .

I know that the fruits…

One Good Prophet, One Bad Prophet, and One Ugly But Seriously Important Lesson

A rather strange but powerfully important story is recorded in . Whether or not Jeroboam's intentions in this invitation were of a pure motivation we don't know, but, regardless, the man of God refused his invitation because God had specifically directed him prior to his arrival that he must not stay but return to Judah. Perhaps God said this for his own protection, but the point is that He said…

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